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Signs Of Pest Invasion You Should Never Undermine 

Most of the talk out there is on how important pest control is, and there is no problem with that. Baguley mice & rat controlHowever, did you know that knowing the signs of pest infestation is important too? Knowing what to look out for when it comes to pest infestation such as rats and mice, flea, bedbugs and even squirrels is critical in the process of ensuring your home stays pests free. 

 If you cannot tell upfront when your home is under pest invasion, you may be in for a shock once you discover them after they damage your property.

 Luckily, most pests leave some obvious signs when they invade your home. For example, rats and mice leave droppings of their excrement and also make sounds at night. However, some pests do not give out obvious signs since they have characteristics that aren’t as easily noticeable as the rats and mice. This article looks at some of the signs that you can look out for before calling in our staff at Baguley Pest Control to remove the pests for you permanently. 

 Nesting Evidence

 Rats and mice make nests out of what is available to them. For example, they can make nests out of shredded papers, leaves and grass clippings. They first identify a dark

Baguley mice & rat controland secluded spot in your home, usually under furniture like beds, and then they make their nest. If you do not regularly clean your entire home, you might discover the nest when they already did their damage.

 To stay afloat, always inspect your home, especially under furniture like beds and seats. Other pests like honey and bumble bees usually make their nests on the walls in secluded areas. Wasps also make their nest once they invade your home, Do not wait till the wasps and the honey and bumble bees sting you before you notice them, get in touch with Baguley Pest Control and let them do the very effective mice & rat control as well as wasp nest removal treatment for you. 

 Small Holes and Physical Damage

 Routine mice & rat control is necessary because rats and mice are among the most stubborn pests. These pests can enter your home through spaces that you consider too tiny for them. For example, a hole as small as the upper part of a pencil eraser is big enough for mice and rats to enter your home. These holes can be found on walls or floors. And if mice and rats can get through them, other pests can do the same. 

 If you spot small holes around your home, you should seal them immediately and then call in our crew for a thorough pest control and removal exercise. 

 Likewise, chew marks is a major sign of pest infestation since rats and mice like to chew. Look out for these signs on wooden structures like the furniture. Contact us as soon as you discover unusual property damage. 

 Line of Dirt or Grime

 Pests are notorious for transporting dirt. Rats and mice usually use a particular route, and if you are careful enough, you can easily spot dirt and grime that they carry into the house. This is because, over time, the dirt and grease cling to the pests’ bodies and ends up rubbing on the established route that they use to get in and out of the house. Usually, rats create routes on the low ends of the wall as well as inside cabinets. 

 Fleas are known to chew on clothing, drapes and blinds. Thus, to spot flea infestation, you only need to search these fabrics for any tiny holes. 

 Despite knowing the signs to look out for, it is difficult to identify a pest invasion in your home until it becomes a problem. If you are not sure whether or not you have a pest problem in your home, contact us and let our team inspect you. We offer mice& rat control as well as wasp nest removal treatment, among other services.

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