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Brooklands Pest Control At Young’s Pest Control, we believe that professionalism guarantees success. Besides, our team of experts fully understands the diversities of pest eradication and the safety concerns involved. We wouldn’t want anyone to put themselves or their loved ones at risk by attempting DIY elimination methods – that’s why we come in to help. To prevent you from making any mistakes, and, at the same time, offer you a lasting solution to all pestering pests around your home. 

Human beings have holidays. We can go to parties, sleep, and relax. Pests in our homes don’t. At night, all kinds of pestilence are more active and most destructive – these include grey squirrels, mice, rats, ants, and many others. Due to their nighttime modus operandi, it becomes hard to track most pests, especially during daytime. Regardless, at Brooklands Pest Control, we know everything there is to catching all blights. You can contact our customer desk at any time of the day or night, and we’ll be at your disposal, ready to sweep and collect every bug, bee nest, wasp nest, ant, and other rodents to their last offspring. 

Why should you choose us?
Our level of expertise and experience in pest control is unrivalled. If you are in search of a dependable company that you can call on no matter when considering Young’s Pest Control your neighbour next door. Besides, here is why: 

  • We are available every day of the week – including holidays. 
  • Our professionals are versatile and skilled to deal with all pests. 
  • All the pest eradication techniques we use are safe and 100% effective. 
  • Young’s Pest Control has been in the business for more than two decades. We guarantee our experience and adhere to a strong work ethic. 
  • We offer quality services at affordable prices – our top priority is your safety and satisfaction. 
  • Our pest control gurus respond promptly to client calls and avail themselves in no time. 

Pest control: Why it’s necessary and the steps to follow in case of an infestation


Even though it may seem the most convenient option, attempting to eliminate pests on your own can be quite dangerous and occasionally, unsuccessful. On the other hand, experts not only offer professional advice but also approach the elimination process by looking at the particular pests posing the threat and picking the most effective way to exterminate them. 

One of our main areas of specialization is wasp nest removal treatment. We also specialize in mice & rat Brooklands mice & rat controlcontrol. Rodents can turn your farm produce into their food stores and render significant losses. Wasps are dangerous insects and hardly deliberate to sting when provoked. Controlling mice, rats, and wasps requires a keen mind. Our aces are equipped with the right knowledge to ensure that mice & rat control, and wasp nest removal treatment exercises are carried out quickly, safely, and without any casualties.

Pest control is important because: 

  • Rodents destroy grains and other foods in farms and stores. 
  • Some pests are dangerous and can cause physical harm to you and your family. 
  • Pests can keep you restless and fatigued throughout – for example, bedbugs reproduce exponentially and are often undetectable. We advise anyone experiencing bug infestations to act at the earliest convenience. 

As soon as you notice any fleas, beehives, bedbugs, squirrels, wasps, rat, and mice around your residence, remain calm, avoid any rash actions, and immediately call our offices for instant response.

Our teams usually arrive in an hour or less, depending on your location. Before anything else, the experts survey the entire area as a safety precaution and then proceed to take you through the extermination process. 

With Young’s Pest Control, there’s nothing to worry. Remember, call us, and we’ll be there for you. We are the leading pest exterminators in England, and we don’t disappoint. 

We cover all pests in Brooklands. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

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