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Professional Ince in Makerfield Mice Control

The economic damage mice cause

House mouse, Mus domesticusBeing omnivores, mice eat many of the same foods humans do. The mass-production and mass storage of food in agricultural societies proves irresistible to mice, that would rather raid crops and storage facilities than forage elsewhere for more meagre pickings. What mice do not eat must be discarded, due to contamination. Losses due to mice infestation are not just incurred by the agricultural and catering industries but by any industry where commercial premises are likely to be infiltrated by rodents.

Ince in Makerfield mice control is an economic necessity to prevent serious losses due to mouse infestation. Often some economic damage from rodent activity is to be expected but professional mouse control can help keep losses to a minimum.

Damage mice do to buildings

Mice, being rodents, need to chew things in order to grind down their teeth which are growing all the time. Inside your house, mice will gnaw on wood, stone, cement, plaster, plastic and metal, causing damage in the process. Mice are infamous for chewing on electrical wiring, which can cause electrical fires and electric shocks. Water piping will also be gnawed on and this can cause water leaks if the piping material is chewed through.

When mice become established indoors their numbers will rapidly multiply, resulting in greater damage as the population increases. Professional mouse removal treatment should occur before the mice infestation gets any worse.

Mouse zoonoses

Mice carry diseases, some of which can be spread to humans. These diseases, known as zoonoses, can be transmitted to humans via a number of routes.

Mouse NestMouse mucus, urine and faeces are common paths to human infection. Mice are incontinent and will contaminate food and water supplies whenever they come into contact with them. The pathogens in mouse excretions can also be absorbed through lacerations in the skin or, if the disease particles undergo aerosolization, inhaled.

Mice are host to a number of ectoparasites and endoparasites. Ectoparasites live on the host, such as on the hair and skin, whilst endoparasites live inside the host, colonizing the internal organs. Humans can catch parasites from mice and some of these parasites will transmit disease from mice to humans. Lyme disease is spread by ticks, Murine typhus is transmitted by fleas and Rickettsialpox is transferred by mites, all which live on mice.

The threat mouse infestation poses to human health makes professional Ince in Makerfield mice control essential to warding off disease. The more severe the mice infestation, the greater the risk of illness will be.

Professional pest control services

When it becomes apparent that mice have invaded the home, residents may be tempted to get rid of the rodents themselves. Successful Ince in Makerfield mice control, however, requires expertise, the right materials and the necessary equipment.

Only professional Ince in Makerfield mice controls treatment can be relied upon for an effective end to a mouse infestation. Our Ince in Makerfield mice controls professionals are experts in mouse removal and have the relevant skills to successfully get rid of rodents from properties. Call today for expert Ince in Makerfield mice control services.