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Over Alderley Pest Control 

Over Alderley Pest ControlMany people think that "home is where the heart is", and finding your perfect home can take years. Once you are settled in, a few problems can crop up, and one of the more severe problems is pests. Several different pests can be found in UK homes, including bedbugs, ants, bumblebees, grey squirrels, honey bees, woodworm, fleas, wasps, mice, and rats. Not only can these pests cause structural damage to your property, but you could face a severe injury if you try and remove the pests yourself. No matter what the internet says, there are no ways to remove pests altogether and ensure they will not come back using a home method. You need to call a company like Over Alderley Pest Control to ensure the problem is dealt with properly. Procedures like Wasp Nest Removal Treatment and Mice & Rat Control require professionals like ours.

Why should I hire a professional? 

 There are several reasons you should call a professional exterminator like ours. For a start, professional exterminators have all of the correct personal protection equipment. This protects them from wasp stings, which can be incredibly dangerous and cause an allergic reaction in some people. They will also be trained to use the Over Alderley Wasp Nest Removalinsecticides they need to remove the pest. Even over the counter, using insecticides yourself isn't anywhere near as safe as calling in a professional company. We can handle situations like Wasp Nest Removal Treatment safely and efficiently to ensure the problem does not come back. Recognising the species of pest is also imperative. Our highly trained professionals would be able to spot the Queen in a wasp colony, for example, as you need to kill the Queen to ensure the wasp does not return. It isn't very likely the average person without any training would be able to spot the Queen.

Is it expensive to hire professionals? 

 Calling in a company like Over Alderley Pest Control is the best way to ensure the pests are gone for good and cannot cause any more damage to your home. Although you might think you have got rid of them using a home method, it is likely that the pests will come back, causing you to need to spend more money in the future. It's important to remember that if you want to ensure you have done the proper procedure for something like Mice & Rat Control, you will need to hire a company like ours Over Alderley mice & rat controlto ensure it is done correctly. This isn't just because of the property damage. Mice and rats carry diseases, and you will want to be rid of them permanently to avoid any harm to your family. 

What types of pests are there? 

 Several different pests can be found in the UK. Each of these types of problems needs dealing with professionally for several various reasons. 


 Can cause itching and skin irritation as they bite.


 Some species of ant can also bite, causing skin irritation. Ants are also notoriously hard to get rid of, as, like bees, they live in colonies. 


 A couple of bee species are protected, and our exterminators are trained to know which ones we can kill and which ones to remove while keeping them alive. 

 Grey squirrels 

 Like mice and rats, they can carry diseases and bite when threatened. 

 Honey bees 

 As above, only certain types of bees can be killed. 


 It can cause severe structural damage and need to be removed as quickly as possible to stop this from happening. 


 Can bite and cause skin irritation and itching. 


Over Alderley Wasp Nest RemovalThe Queen needs to be identified to remove the nest entirely.

Mice and rats
 Mice and rats can both carry diseases and bite if threatened. 

We cover all pests in Over Alderley. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

Mice Control 

Wasp Nest Removal