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Expert Wilmslow Pest Control

Houses, gardens, commercial buildings and agricultural barns all make ideal places for pests to create a shelter and a food supply. There are many different species that spread disease and ruin the structure of a property.

It’s important to get an expert Wilmslow pest control service to get rid of unwanted creatures who might do damage to buildings, food and business stock.

What pest control do we offer?

• Wasp and hornet nest disposal
Beehive treatmentwasp nest removal
• Rat and mice removal
Bedbug and flea treatment
• Cockroach and beetle pest control
• Bird clearing
• Rabbit and mole termination
• Fox removal
• Squirrel relocation

Why use a professional Wilmslow pest control service?

We are experienced in the treatment of wasp and hornet nests and unwanted bee hives. These insects can sting which is painful and may result in swelling. A lot of stings at the same time could cause serious medical problems and even death. Wasps and hornets are aggressive and will attack if they feel threatened.

Mice and rats can cause a lot of problems. They look for water, food and a dry place to breed and they can get all of these inside houses, sheds, garages and warehouses. As they burrow they destroy the building's foundations and often gnaw electric and phone cables in the process. As they move around they leave urine and droppings which spreads disease.

Birds can get into lofts and roof spaces making a mess with their feathers and moving roof tiles as they go. Their droppings cause illness in humans and the acidity can ruin soft furnishings and business stock.

Bedbugs and flea bites cause itching and they can become infected with scratching. These insects reproduce quickly and a severe infestation can easily occur.

Squirrels, rabbits, moles and foxes bite through electric cables and wooden structures. They will spoil food, crops and flowers and empty rubbish out of bins. They also leave droppings around along with a strong smell in some cases.

We have expert members of staff who will give you a friendly, professional and quick 24-hour service 7 days a week.

If needed, we can give you preventative advice which is especially useful if running a business that may be affected.

Our vans are unmarked so we are discreet on arrival, there is an emergency 1-hour option if this is needed.  Call us on our 24-hour number or complete the online booking form to make an appointment.