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Professional Wigan Honey Bee Nest Removal

The United Kingdom is currently home to millions of honey bees. Although they’re more than welcome within farming communities, honey bee control is something that should be diligently practised within living areas.

Honey Bee Control – The Problem

Honey bee on pink flowerHoney bee swarm removal is something every homeowner should consider should they encounter one in their home. Although these bees often build their nests in backyards, a small possibility of building one in your home is present. This might not destroy the overall structure of the house, but the nest can be problematic – not to mention a source of fear for everyone in the family. A sting from a honey bee may cause the following:

- Red patch on the skin
- Itchiness and swelling
- Throbbing pain
- In extreme situations, an allergic reaction may occur

Adults are more than capable of handling honey bee sting, but the more sensitive skin of children will require more healing attention. Worst cases scenarios include extreme allergic reactions in which case, the patient must be transported to the hospital immediately. Most people are unaware of any allergies to honey bee sting until it happens, which is why it’s usually best to simply have the threat removed completely.

Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee HiveAlthough Wigan honey bee nest removal might seem like an easy task, this isn’t something that homeowners can do without past experience. Despite their small size, honey bees can be incredibly territorial and are naturally inclined to protect the hive since it contains the queen, the food stock, and even the babies.

This is why honey bee hive removal is best done by professionals like Young’s Pest Control in the UK. Employing professionals in the field, they have all the right tools to quickly and efficiently instigate Wigan honey bee nest removal without hurting any other plants within close vicinity. Since honey bees are important in the ecosystem, they also make sure that none of the bees is killed but rather, encouraged to move to a different spot before their hive is permanently destroyed.

An all-year-round type of insect, honey bee swarms may show up at any time of the year. It’s also important to note that in some cases, bumble bees and wasps may be mistaken for honey bees – both of which are more territorial and tend to employ harsher venoms in their stings. Regardless of the pest type, however, Young’s Pest Control is equipped to handle them all and provide a pest-free home with just one session of their Wigan honey bee nest removal service.