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Professional Atherton Honey Bee Nest Removal

Catch The Problem Early!

Honey bee control is something that is necessary for reasons other than the usual. Whilst honey bees may appear docile, and have a reputation for minding their own business, once honeycomb has been built, they will become very territorial and will attack with very little provocation. Therefore, preventative rather than reactive Atherton honey bee nest removal is essential before these pests become dangerous.

The European honey bee (Apis mellifera) pollinating of The Aster (Symphyotrichum dumosum).It is easy to mistake honey bees for wasps or other types of bees. However, honey bees generally have fur on their thorax and black and orange rings around their abdomen. A swarm and a hive can also be commonly mistaken. Bees in an exposed clump are likely to be a swarm, in between having a nest and looking for somewhere to build a hive. Honey bee swarm removal is much easier, and Young's Pest Control will be able to carry out a quick and effective treatment. However, once a hive has been established, a different type of treatment will be required. Atherton honey bee nest removal is just another of our services, so the good news is that honey bee control is an option at any stage.

Generally, a honey bee hive will form in a hollowed-out tree, However, they do occasionally prefer attics or the eaves and wall voids of houses and commercial premises, making Atherton honey bee nest removal more difficult, as they often travel far into the building. The danger of this is that, once the hive has been established, not only will they become more territorial, but the residue in the nest will attract other pests, turning a small problem into a big one. Additionally, not carrying out effective Atherton honey bee nest removal, or trying it with home methods, will allow time for other hives to form, or cause serious structural damage to the building.

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombThe best option is to call Young's; if you are unsure about which kind of infestation you have, or at what stage the pests are in, we will be able to attend and assess the problem with our trained expert staff. Our service is prompt, effective and discreet, and not only will the pests be removed, but we will ensure full Atherton honey bee nest removal, lowering the risk of attracting further pests.

If you notice any kind of bee swarming in or around your home, do not be afraid to call us; we'll take care of the problem 24 hours a day.