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Professional Whitefield Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusThere are many pests that can cause issues for homeowners throughout the year, but during the winter, most of them will die off or hibernate such as wasps and fleas. However, the mouse is one pest that you are more likely to find in your house during the colder months.

This small rodent is classed as a pest because it can cause damage to properties and carries diseases that are harmful to humans. Therefore, when they start to colonise in someone’s home, it’s understandable that the homeowner would want to call Whitefield mice to control to deal with the mice infestation.

Young’s Pest Control is one such business you can call, and they have carried out countless exterminations and mouse control jobs over the years, which means their professionals have developed a keen eye for spotting where best to place traps, look for entry points and tracks, and they have tried-and-tested the most effective products to use in mouse removal jobs.

The trouble in identifying a mouse

The mouse is a nocturnal creature, which means it’s rare that you will see many in your garden – it doesn’t help that they’re quite small, though.

The advantages of calling professional Whitefield mice control

In managing a mice infestation, there are many reasons why calling in professional Whitefield mice control workers is preferable to doing the job yourself, including:

• The effort involved in removing a mouse infestation and making sure they don’t come back again involves surveying your property, putting a plan together and carrying it out, which is a lot of effort that takes up valuable time.
• Often, when people decide DIY is the best option for mouse removal, they will use sub-par products such as weak poisons and traps that can be tampered with, which only makes it harder when dealing with the problem the second time around because mice are intelligent and will learn to be wary.

Mice are a danger as well as a nuisance

Mouse NestA mice infestation is not something that can be left alone in the hope that it will go away. The droppings that mice leave behind often contain bacteria that can cause leptospirosis, which is an infection that has life-threatening symptoms. Wherever they move, which, at night, is almost anywhere around the house, these faeces can be found and especially in high-up places such as where food is kept.

This food is what the mice are after, and this fact leads me to another health danger mice might pose to humans, which is that any food they come in contact with will potentially be contaminated with salmonella, a bacterium that causes food poisoning.

Lastly, it is necessary for mice to gnaw at their environment in order to prevent their incisors from being unmanageably long, which usually causes superficial structural damage to property. However, because mice have poor eyesight, it is not uncommon for them to chew through electrical wires which can cause a house fire.