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Blackrod Wasp Nest Removal

 Hornet and wasp control are part of the Blackrod Wasp Nest RemovalBlackrod wasp nest removal services available. The services of a wasp exterminator should be procured when a nest is found and is likely to cause a problem for humans. Wasp nest removal costs are an investment which will prevent potentially dangerous wasp stings from occurring.

How to deal with a wasp nest

 The best advice is to leave the removal to an expert who will get rid of wasp nests professionally and without causing danger to the humans located nearby. Hornet and wasp control experts will have the technical knowledge and access to powerful insecticides which may only be available for professional use. As the wasp exterminator will have the appropriate protective equipment, he will be insulated from any potential stings. Members of the public should leave the process to get rid of wasp nests to those who are equipped and trained for the operation.

Where are wasp nests likely to be found?

 There is a wide range of locations where a wasp colony may make its home. Commonly they will be found in roof spaces, lofts, air Blackrod Wasp Nest Removalvents, in wall cavities, under the eaves or in a shed or garage. Within the garden, it is possible that wasp nests will be formed in bird nesting boxes, hollow trees and bushes. Wasp nests are made from a substance that resembles paper. In their early stages, during the spring period, they may be only the size of a golf ball. However, once a colony becomes established the nest may resemble the size of a football and contain anywhere from three to five thousand wasps. 

There will be just one queen which will live for up to a year, the rest of the colony will be 'worker' wasps and will have a life-span ranging from 12-22 days.

Best time to remove a wasp nest?

 It will be best if a wasp nest can be removed during the springtime, while it is small in size and its occupants still in low numbers. The wasps will be less likely to be aggressive in this period. If a wasp is angry it will produce a pheromone which will bring reinforcements from the nest to assist. For this reason, it is best to leave dealing with removal of nests to properly equipped professionals.

How to identify hornets and wasps

 An expert will know to know what type of

Blackrod Wasp Nest Removalpest they are dealing with. For the uninitiated, a hornet (Vespa crabro) can be identified by its brown and yellow markings while wasps have black and yellow stripes. It should be noted that hornets are quite rare in the United Kingdom and are mostly found in the south of England. There are two types of wasp generally found in the UK, the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German wasp (Vespula Germanica).

It is important to note that hornets and wasps should not be confused with bees. Bees are generally benign to humans, if not provoked, and provide a very useful service by pollinating crops throughout the country. It is considered that around a third of agricultural products are pollinated by bees, so they provide a very useful and necessary service for the farmers.

The removal process

 The wasp nest removal costs will be Blackrod Wasp Nest Removalgoverned by the location of the nest, its size and the ease with which it can be accessed. The suitably knowledgeable and equipped exterminator will place insecticide close to the entry to the nest. The wasps will take the insecticide into the nest when they enter and so cause the destruction of the colony.

In order to mitigate the effects of a wasp nest on a property, moving waste bins away from human areas and keeping their lids securely shut will remove a food source for any visiting wasps. Fitting fly-screens to the windows will prevent flying insects from entering through windows which may need to be open during the warmer months of the year.