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Atherton Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

With the arrival of spring, nature once again begins to awaken. This year’s plant shoots begin to push through the soil. And the year’s batch of pests begins awakening from hibernation.

The new queen wasp will start searching out a site to raise her family of the yellow and black banded terror. Appearances can be deceptive, that ‘wasp’ may well be a European Hornet. The Hornet, although very similar to the wasp, is slightly larger than and not as aggressive as the wasp, unless threatened.

The nest could be built almost anywhere, roof spaces are a favorite, as are cavity walls. House eves, trees, garden sheds, and outbuildings; or under the remains of the winter’s firewood pile or old discarded sheeting are all nesting favorites.

wasp-nest-removal-300x199The queen will begin raising her first brood of wasps for them to then begin doing all the work; seeking food, pampering the queen and guarding the nest against attack. Numbers will quickly begin to increase from a dozen up to, at the height of summer, many hundreds. Becoming a constant source of irritation to those forced to live in close proximity to the nest.

Considering farmers and nursery owners, people whose lifestyle includes daily contact with pests, contact Young’s Pest Control for safe Atherton wasp nest removal treatment, why would you even want to try and do it yourself.

An even more risky venture, should the nest be hidden in cavity-walls, lofts, or in high up, hard to get to areas. Believe me, DIY wasp control is not the way to go. Young’s Pest Control Company will approach all these various scenarios with protective equipment, the correct tools, and expertise to tackle all Atherton wasp nest removal treatments safely and effectively; most importantly, without risk to you or any of your family.

Of all the many UK pests, wasp and hornet nests cause more disruption to peoples enjoyment than any other. Family barbeques interrupted, the ever-present risk of adults, children and family pets being attacked when a ball or Frisbee strikes to close to a nest.

Call in Young’s wasp control specialists for safe wasp removal treatment; before the problem becomes an emergency.