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Common House Pests 

Mice & rat control are probably the two things that immediately spring to mind when one thinks of pests

Wardley Mice & rat controland infestations. However, these rodents are only scratching the surface of what may be lurking in, under and around the house. That's why it is important to not try and self diagnose the problem, no matter what the signs are, and to hand the job over to a Wardley pest control company such as Young's. Here are just some of the most common problems in and around the house.


 Wasps and Bees


 This is a common area for many households, Wardley wasp nest in shedespecially in the summer months. However, any kind of wasp nest removal treatment is going to require a qualified pest controller. Many people will see or detect a nest and rush in with a broom handle in an attempt to disturb the nest and move it on. This is ill-informed and dangerous. And in any case, there are so many different types of bees and wasps that this attempt at wasp nest removal treatment becomes nothing more than a temporary annoyance to the pests, who regroup and come back. 


 Through the summer, many more pests can appear in a nest, such as hornets, who burrow into wood and are very hard to access. In humid climates, especially near water, horseflies can also make life unbearable for people and their animals. There is no excuse for not calling in a company more equipped for the job.


 Garden Moles


 Many people overlook this problem because moles appear harmless and cute. The problem, however, is that they will tear up your garden, and can leave it Wardley mole removaldormant when it comes to planting flowers or grass. Wardley pest control companies will often find customers have attempted to sort the problem by waiting to hit the animal once it surfaces, but this is cruel and unnecessary. There are many preventative treatments available from expert companies and the problem will be fixed, conscience undamaged.


 Mice and Rats


 Mice & rat control are, unfortunately, the lifeblood of any pest control company, and yet many people Wardley mice and rat controlstill try and treat the problem themselves, because until they have seen the pest in the flesh, they often do not know whether they are dealing with mice or rats. Laying down a simple 'all in one' treatment is therefore unlikely to be as effective in dealing with the problem. Also, for those living near large gardens or farmland, there is all manner of additional pests that many people simply mistake for mice or rats. Despite them all looking like the same small, furry annoyances, they are attracted to and repelled by very different things, and their nests and formations are very different; hence, a supermarket mice & rat control solution is going to be mediocre at best. Again, this is where the job is best left to a qualified, accredited pest control company.




 This is perhaps one of the most well known of small, yet annoying infestations, and that's not even Wardley Ant Controlfactoring in the added problem of flying ants. Largely attracted by sweet sugary deposits, ants will, unfortunately, burrow their way into any area where they can nest, spread and reproduce. Spot treatments from the supermarket may kill a few hundred, but even if the poison is taken back to the nest by survivors, it soon loses its effectiveness, as most poisons do. It's also worth noting that ants can destroy wood, drywall and other crucial areas of the house that don't always show damage.


 This is where Youngs Pest Control steps in. They have no doubt seen your pest issues before and thus are best to deal with them safely and efficiently, with the added bonus of saving you time, effort and money in trying to diagnose and treat the problem.

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