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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

It's no secret that grey squirrels are a menace in the UK. TheyWardley Squirrel Control treatment cause extensive property damage and can be carriers of diseases that can be harmful to humans and other animals. If you have grey squirrels on your property, it is vital to contact Wardley Squirrel Trapping for Squirrel Control. Squirrels can also cause fires to your property by gnawing through your wiring, so removal is essential for your safety.

You can determine if you have grey squirrels on your property by looking for several signs that they live in or around your property. Grey squirrels will often leave behind the shells of acorns that they gnawed open to get to the nut inside. They also leave their droppings—similar in size and appearance to a large blackberry—in prominent locations, such as along paths where humans walk or near entrances into your home or attic space.

What types of damage can squirrels cause?

Squirrels are fidgety little pests that can wreak havoc on your property in ways that you probably don't even notice. The most obvious example of squirrel damage is when they strip Wardley Squirrel Control treatmentthe bark of trees, leaving them utterly bare in some cases. This can lead to dieback and possibly death of the tree depending on how much damage the squirrels inflict. The bark stripping may be due to dietary or territorial needs; squirrels will strip away at nearby trees if there isn't enough food available. In addition to gnawing and chewing on things, they cause structural damage to a home. If you have small wooden bird feeders, for example, then squirrels will chew directly into them with no problem, causing the seed to fall out and be wasted on the ground below! They can also chew through hazardous power cables. If they get into an attic space in your property, then watch out because they usually do this by chewing their way through things like wiring and piping, adding a potential fire hazard to the mix.

Nesting and Breeding patterns of squirrels.

Squirrels build their nests in trees. Additionally, they will often build nests in attics, garages, and sheds because this offers them more protection from predators. They use leaves, twigs,Wardley Grey Squirrel control bark strips, and plastic trash to build their nests. They breed prolifically between February and September, producing up to three litters yearly. With 12 squirrels living in the average nest (and that's not including baby squirrels), your property can be quickly overrun by these cute creatures. The most important step you can take is to contact Wardley Squirrel Pest Control to assist you in Getting Rid Of Squirrels today.

What do Grey Squirrels look like?

Grey squirrels look like small, bushy-tailed rodents with grey fur. Their length can reach twelve inches, including their tail. Their tails are bushy and the same size as their body, around 8 inches long. They have large, curved front teeth that eat bark from trees and feed on tree seeds.

So don't let their charming looks fool you. They can be a significant pest when they start to invade your home or business. If you're dealing with a squirrel infestation, it's crucial Wardley Squirrel Control treatmentto take action as soon as possible to minimize damage. Don't try to handle the situation yourself with DIY products- these often don't work and can worsen the problem. Instead, choose an expert like Wardley Squirrel Pest Control, who knows how to get rid of squirrels quickly and effectively. Having dealt with thousands of rodent infestations, we are confident we can return your property to normal in no time. Contact Wardley Squirrel Trapping on 0161 776 9832!