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Professional Tyldesley Flea Treatment

FleaThe feathers of birds and the fur of mammals enable fleas to live on their hosts. Few British flea species will actually live on humans, due to the lack of fur or feathers for them to hide in, but will happily feed off of them all the same. A possible exception is Pulex irritans, the Human flea, which parasitizes a range of hosts besides humans. When feeding on humans, fleas can hide under clothes just as they would hide in feathers or fur.

Human fleas are uncommon in Britain at this time, due to a preference for warmer climates and rising personal hygiene standards. The most common flea species to infest British homes are Ctenocephalides felis, the cat flea, and Ctenocephalides canis, the Dog flea. It should come as no surprise that these fleas are brought into homes by their namesakes, although it might be more surprising that they are adapted to live off a range of hosts.

Cat and dog fleasCat fleas will feed on dogs and Dog fleas will feed on cats. Both will bite humans and female Cat fleas can produce eggs if they engorge on human blood for twelve hours. This is significant for it could mean that humans alone, in the absence of other hosts, could support a Cat flea population. As it happens, most fleas found on an animal are adults. Eggs laid on hosts tend to fall onto the ground and the larva is ground-dwelling scavengers that do not live on fresh blood.

Put a stop to flea infestation with professional Tyldesley flea treatment

Do-it-yourself methods may cause a slight reduction in but not a total cessation of flea activity. A handful of fleas might die as others continue to irritate residents. Most home remedies tackle adult fleas and the adults-only make up 5% of the flea population. It is impossible to end a flea infestation by ignoring 95% of the fleas on a property. The only way to be 100% free of fleas is to kill every last flea on a property.

The best chance of killing all the fleas infesting a residence rests with professional Tyldesley flea treatment services. Customers will need to work with the professional flea control operatives to prepare for Tyldesley flea treatment in order to make sure there are no complications during or after treatment. A major part of the treatment offered is flea fumigation and the use of this method will require the full cooperation of clients with the professional Tyldesley flea treatment operatives.

The use of flea fumigation will attack the entire flea population, leaving the insect pests with nowhere to hide, and stop the flea infestation dead in its tracks. This is one of the most effective methods of flea removal used in professional Tyldesley flea treatment and can prevent a return of the insect pests. The insecticides used in this form of flea removal treatment are dangerous and are in safer hands with professional pest control operatives than they are with amateurs.