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Professional Swinton Flea Treatment

For homeowners in the UK - especially ones with pets - the flea can be a persistent nuisance during the summertime, a season when they reproduce the most. However, there are cases of flea infestation throughout most of the year due to central heating and plenty of opportunities for food.

Therefore, the Swinton flea treatment professionals at Young’s Pest Control are available year-round to deal with any flea control problems, large or small, that might be causing you or your pet's distress with flea fumigation.

Facts about the flea

There are a number of flea species in the UK, each usually linked to a specific host such as a cat or a dog, and there are four common types that infest households in the UK.
Cat and dog fleas
• Human flea
• Dog flea
• Cat flea
• Rat Flea

They feed off the blood of their host whilst giving nothing back in return, and therefore they are classed as parasites.

An Infested Home

A flea infestation in the home usually starts off when a few adult fleas are carried in from the garden. However, after this, the flea numbers will start to rise and the indications can be quite obvious.

• Usually the main source of a flea’s attention is towards a pet, and, for this reason, the first indication that an infestation has taken hold is when the pet starts to scratch more than usual.
• The flea can jump up to six inches so any occupant in an infested household will find fleas crawling or jumping on them. Usually, when you least suspect it, you will spot a flea on your skin.

The reasons professional Swinton flea treatment is important

FleaFleas feed on the blood of their host, and this exposes them to any parasites or disease the blood is infected with. For example, rat fleas have been known to carry and pass on to humans, bubonic plague and Typhus that is found in the blood of rats.

Cat Scratch Fever, a disease that affects cats, can be passed onto humans via the feces of fleas, which is a more indirect route; when a cat is infested with fleas carrying this disease, it’s possible that the flea’s feces can get onto the cat’s claws.

The importance of flea control

It’s necessary to call out pest control for a number of reasons.

• The life cycle of a flea means it will infest all areas of your property. Therefore, if you target adult fleas, you would still have to worry about larvae, pupa and eggs in bedding, on carpets and under furniture. At Young’s Pest Control, their experts are experienced in breaking up this cycle so that one Swinton flea treatment visit will be enough with flea fumigation.
• Often, the Swinton flea treatment products from stores are not strong enough to get the job done, which can’t be said for the products used by Young’s Pest Control, which are much stronger and more effective against fleas.