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Professional Chadderton Flea Treatment Services

Give Fleas The Boot With Young's Pest Control

Chadderton Flea treatment is something that you need to take seriously, just as the professionals at Young's Pest Control do.

What Is a Flea?

FleaThe flea is an insect of the order Siphonaptera which can be winged or non-winged. Sharp, pincer type mouths help them to bite into the skin in order to suck blood which is their food source. Also known as an external parasite, fleas live what is called hematophagy - AKA feeding on the blood of mammals and birds.

What Kinds of Fleas Are There?

There are many species however the most common flea infestation to the United Kingdom is Cat, Dog, and Human flea infestation.

What Would a Chadderton Flea Treatment Cost?

Call us to discuss pricing. We can assure you that we offer 24-hour flea control service. Additionally, we have a fixed price for 24 hours, seven days a week service. Our response time is within one hour.

Flea Fumigation Sounds Complicated

At Young's Pest Control we can handle any concerns you may have regarding flea fumigation, flea removal and Chadderton flea treatment. We like our customers to have as little inconvenience as possible while we take care of the problem for you.

Why Does Flea Removal Matter?

There are several reasons that you will want to take quick care of any flea problems.

Cat and dog fleas1. Dogs, cats, and humans can get fleas.
2. Fleas can affect homes and businesses.
3. Adults can survive weeks between meals
4. Flea larvae will even eat adult flea droppings
5. Although unproven, scientists are of the opinion that fleas may have caused the Bubonic Plague or Black Death.
6. Pets and people can suffer allergic reaction from flea bites

Do Fleas Carry Disease?

Absolutely. Not just the Bubonic plague as mentioned above, fleas are parasitic - because they live off blood they can carry man types of diseases. Of the common species, two usual nasty things which fleas can spread are a disease known as murine typhus and dog fleas can host and transmit the dog tapeworm (sometimes in cats too).

In terms of disease spreading animals, the flea is second to the rat.

Won't I Know If I Have The Pest Fleas?

You may not know right away if you have a flea infestation problem. You may see a darker red spot which is the bite of the flea (and very small) with the red spot surrounded by a reddened skin area. This skin sore may last for a couple of days and, like other bites can be, is extremely irritating to the skin and bite victim. If you are often bitten by fleas you can develop an overly sensitive immune system which means that you suddenly have an immediate reaction to flea bites.

What Should I Do?

People have made their pets sick, risked poisoning small children in the home, and set up all sorts of uncomfortable and unreliable Chadderton flea treatment items. What you should do if you have a flea problem is call Young's Pest Control. Staff are trained well and will administer any necessary treatments in the safest possible manner.