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Protect Both Your Family and Pets with Rochdale Flea Treatment Services

Fleas will forever be unwelcome guests in the home. These tiny insects may find their way into your house by taking a free ride on your pets. Unluckily, they are not only a bother to pets but also humans. They feed on the blood of their warm-blooded hosts such as dogs, cats and at times human beings. Regardless of the route, these pests used to enter your home, make cretin that you find Rochdale flea treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of flea infestation.

Flea infestation is very common in homes where pets are kept more so cats and dogs. Even with a minor infestation, their bites can cause restlessness in pets. Usually, you should get concerned when you see your pets scratching extraordinarily. This is always an indication of an infestation as well as a warning sign that you should arrange for Rochdale flea treatment without delay. Find below a piece of reliable information about fleas.

  • FleaAdult fleas can measure up to 4 mm long and are reddish brown in colour
  • Their bodies appear compressed from side to side
  • They lay oval-shaped eggs of about 0.5 mm long
  • Their eggs are pearl white in colour
  • The eggs can hatch within a period of 2-12 days

Shocking Flea Habits

Fleas depend on their hosts for both food and shelter. They spend most of their time creeping through the fur of their hosts and feeding. In as much as they only live for a few months (3 months approximately) they can overly elevate their population within a short span. Their powerful legs enable them to jump incredible distances making it easy for them to flee every time they sense danger. The female flea is capable of producing up to 500 offspring within her entire life. This is an overwhelming fact that should drive you to seek immediate Rochdale flea treatment if your property is inhabited by these pests.

Fleas Are More Than a Nuisance

Cat and dog fleasExpert flea control can help avert numerous health risks that fleas pose to both human beings and pests. For instance, their bites can be very itchy and can prompt the formation of scratch wounds if you rub the itching spots excessively. Specific species of fleas have also been known to transmit a very rare but serious disease called bubonic plague. Additionally, their saliva can cause allergic reactions in both humans and pets. Lastly, it has also been realized that fleas are the main cause of anaemia in puppies and kittens.

Important Flea Control Advice

Rochdale flea treatment does not only involve cleaning your property and washing your pet’s bedding. These pests are very stubborn and will reappear within a very short spell if proper Rochdale flea treatment is evaded. However, the use of modern flea control methods such as flea fumigation can produce the best results ever.

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