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Professional Shaw Honey Bee Nest Removal

If you notice a large number of bees swarming around your home or in a tree, there is a good chance that there is a honey bee nest somewhere around. Honey bee swarm removal can be extremely risky, which is why you should always contact a professional if you have honey bee control problems.

Honey bee on pink flowerWhat Are Honey Bees?
Honey bees are a type of flying insect that is known for making honey. Honey bees rather rare in the United Kingdom and are protected, so they should not be killed if they are discovered on your property. However, honey bees have a tendency to make their nests in the wall cavities of houses, especially during the cold autumn and winter months. If honey bees find their way into your home they can pose a significant problem and should be removed immediately.

Why Honey Bee Hive Removal is Necessary
If you come into close proximity of a honey bee nest the bees are likely to sting you to protect their nest. Not only are honey bee stings painful, but they can also potentially be life-threatening if you are allergic to the sting. Unfortunately, the only way to find out if you are allergic to honey bee venom is to get stung and this s a particular problem if you have young children who are inquisitive and playful. Honey bees can also cause damage to your property while they are making their nest as they often use water to soften and remove Sheetrock, causing enlarged damp patches in walls and ceilings that can devalue your property.

Honey Bee HiveThe Types of Honey Bee Nest Removal
The type of honey bee control that you need will be determined by a pest control expert when they visit your property. Whenever possible, Shaw honey bee nest removal will be done dome without harming the honey bees. However, if this is not possible because the bees have started to swarm or for another reason, another form of extraction will be performed. No matter what method is decided on, Shaw honey bee nest removal will be performed in a safe and discrete manner.

Our team at Youngs Pest Control are experienced in Shaw honey bee nest removal and can take care of your honey bee control problem for you. Honey bee swarm removal can be done safely and efficiently, so simply give us a call today so that your honey bee hive removal problems a thing of the past.