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Professional Shaw Flea Treatment

FleaThe flea is a small, jumping insect that will often find its way into homes on the back of family pets such as cats and dogs, which are usually the primary source of their sustenance.

An infected pet will suffer from frequent biting, which will cause them to scratch more than usual. However, flea bites are not only confined to pets, as most species of the flea will bite humans in the absence of their preferred host.

Therefore, a household infested with fleas will cause flea control issues to all occupants. trying to solve the infestation with do-it-yourself products is useless. Luckily, a call to Young’s Pest Control will take you a step closer to claiming your home back from these invaders with Shaw flea treatment services such as flea fumigation.

The diseases that a flea can transmit

Aside from the obvious nuisance of frequently being bitten by this insect, there is a more serious reason for Shaw flea treatment and that is exposure to diseases and parasites.

• Typhus is a disease carried by rats that can be transmitted to humans through flea faecal matter coming into contact with a bite. It is often rat fleas that carry this disease, but the dog and cat fleas can also be the source.
• Cat Scratch Fever is a disease that affects cats and is spread from one cat to another via fleas. If your cat is affected, then coming into contact with the faecal matter of the fleas that infest it could expose you to this disease.
• Lastly, a parasite that fleas can pass-on is the tapeworm, which is transmitted when an infected flea bites you. Tapeworms can cause nausea, fatigue and diarrhoea.

Knowing the species of flea and how it can help Shaw flea treatment

Cat and dog fleasThe species of flea that is infesting your home can often be determined by the type of pet you have; cats are usually affected by cat fleas and dogs by dog fleas. However, both species will attach themselves to other animals as a last resort in their search for sustenance.

Knowing the species can often inform you of the best way to treat a flea control problem as well as what diseases you may be exposed to. Therefore, the knowledge of Young’s Pest Control’s experts is vital in setting out a Shaw flea treatment plan to protect yourself and your pets by ridding this pest in an effective manner.

For example, if your pest controller concludes that rat fleas are the source of your flea infestation, this would indicate that rats nearby are a part of the problem. The plan put forward would then be not only to treat your home but the surrounding area as well.

Another reason to call Young’s Pest Control is if your flea infestation is so bad that a flea fumigation treatment is the only option left, which is the most effective solution to any infestation; it an all-encompassing treatment that gets into carpets, bedding and furniture, therefore killing off not only adult fleas but their larvae as well.