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Professional Sale Rat Control

There are numerous places in any home or business where rats may nest, and you might not even be aware you're infested. Contrary to popular belief, rats don't just live in and around rubbish and bins, they're happy to locate anywhere near the human population and they can be found:Brown Rat

  • Inside or under piles of wood/lumber which is rarely used
  • Inside tall grasses and bushes which are infrequently trimmed
  • Under rocks or beneath bricks
  • In cars and furniture which has been placed outside but is no longer in use
  • In holes in brickwork and floorboards in buildings

Additionally, rats are excellent at avoiding detection, which means that a glimpse of one rat usually indicates that you have a much bigger problem on your hand than one just 'passing through'! Rats are naturally attracted to the warmth and odors given off by human occupation - whether that's a home, a business, factory or a shop - so if you see one rat then the odds are you already have a rat infestation on your hands. They are also known to be the cause of property fires as rats love gnawing due to their ever-growing teeth, gnawing on everything and anything helps them keep their teeth in shape.

Rats are carriers of a number of diseases which they spread both by touch and also through animal bites - so it's strongly recommended that you do not attempt to deal with a Sale rat infestation by yourself. Professional protective equipment and tools are used to deal with Sale rat control and if you're looking to get rid of rats it's always best to bring in experts who can do the job quickly and professionally rather than risking your health and damage to your property if dealing with someone unfamiliar with pest control treatment.

ratYoung's Pest Control offers pest control targeted specifically at rodents and has experience dealing with Sale rat control, other rodents, insects, birds, and many more creature infestations. Nobody likes dealing with pests, but if you need to get rid of rats rapidly, then we're happy to help - let us deal with the hassle and we'll restore your life back to normality as quickly as possible.

If you think that you may have a rat infestation - or require any other type of pest control treatment - contact us and we'll be able to discuss the various options open to you. As always, we offer an entirely discreet service using unmarked vehicles and will endeavour to avoid any disruption to your family or business.