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Professional Altrincham Rat Control

Rat facts

  • The most common rat in Britain is Rattus Norvegicus, the Norwegian Rat. Despite what the name suggests, it is thought to have originated in Asia. Also known as the Brown Rat largely displaced Britain's Black Rat (Rattus rattus) population from the eighteenth century onwards.
  • Brown RatBritish rat species are omnivorous, and instances of cannibalism have been reported amongst them. The tendency of humans to produce and store food on a massive scale attracts rats to farmland and human settlements, where they have become a notorious pests. The economic damage rats cause makes rat control a necessity.
  • After humans, rats are said to be the most successful mammals, and in light of this, it is not surprising that most human settlements are subject to a rat infestation. Rats live where humans live, in rural and urban environments, and conflict arises as a result. Altrincham rat control should occur when these rodents become a nuisance.
  • Rats carry diseases that can be passed on to humans via bites, scratches, also through their urine and faeces. In addition, rats are incontinent, and when encroaching on human settlements, they can contaminate food and water with their excretions. Furthermore, they are host to various endoparasites and ectoparasites, such as fleas, lice, and worms, transmittable to humans. Therefore, to avoid rat-borne diseases, it is essential to get rid of rats.

What to do when you have a rat problem?

  • ratWhen facing an Altrincham rat infestation, the best course is to hire professional pest control services without delay. Rats breed at an extraordinary rate, so the sooner pest control treatment is performed, the better. The longer you leave it, the greater the rat infestation will be, making it more challenging to get rid of rats.
  • Non-professional attempts at Altrincham rat control could prove unsuccessful, and the risks involved may be too high for the amateur. The rat problem may remain, and the rat colony could soon re-establish itself. Successful Altrincham rat control depends on effective pest control treatment, which is best left to professional pest control services.
  • Rats can be aggressive and are known to attack humans. However, pest control professionals are prepared and equipped to protect themselves against this threat, so you don't have to put yourself in harm's way.