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Professional Stretford Rat Control

ratRats are a nuisance in our modern society, especially when we find a rat infestation on our property. There is a saying, that there is a rat for every person living in the United Kingdom, so it may be inevitable that at some point in our lives we will need to think about Stretford rat control. Many people are terrified of rats, and with the diseases that they carry who can blame them? If you have discovered rats on your property, there is no need to be scared, however, when a simple telephone call to us can assist you with Stretford rat control.

Is it a problem if the rat infestation is in my garden?

If you use your garden whilst there are rats living there you are susceptible to the diseases that rats carry, including; Weil's disease, salmonella, e-coli or tuberculosis as well as the allergic reactions that can be caused by their fleas, ticks or mites. Pest control treatment might well be the only way forward, especially when you consider that once they are in your garden it isn't far for them to go to get into your house. Indeed, rats only need a gap of 1 cm to be able to gain access to your property, so don’t delay, consider us for Stretford rat control as soon as possible.

How do I know if I have a Stretford rat infestation?

Brown RatYou do not actually have to catch sight of a rat to know that you have a rat problem. Indeed, rats are nocturnal and will hide from humans so the chances of seeing one are slim. They do leave clues behind, though to let you know that they have been there and that you need to get rid of rats. These clues include rat droppings being left behind, which are usually dark in colour and about 10-14 mm long or a strong smell of ammonia, which is a stench that rats leave behind. You might also want to listen out for scratching noises and search for signs of gnawing. You could also try looking in warm places around your property for signs of a rat nest, which is usually made newspaper, plastic or fabric. Please do not disturb any nest, however, Stretford rat control is dangerous as a disease can be spread through rat bites. Protective clothing, therefore, is a must.

If you need to get rid of rats from your property, please call us. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to administer pest control treatment in a safe manner leaving you rat free in no time.