Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Safe, Reliable And Efficient Sale BumbleBee Control

Young's pest control offers a fast, effective Sale bumblebee control service. We will safely treat the nest and provide a free revisit in the unlikely circumstance that it is necessary. We can also provide you with advice on ensuring that the bumblebee colony does not return next season. Young's pest control are specialists in bumblebee removal. Our highly trained Sale bumblebee control technicians have the equipment, protective clothing and experience to safely remove bumblebee colonies from your property.

BumbleBee Nest Locations

Young's pest control provides Sale bumblebee nest removal for all domestic and business properties. This includes farms, gardens and allotments. Bumblebee nests will often be found in the following locations:

* Compost heaps
* Thick grass
* Bird boxes
* Hollowed trees
* Rodents holes
* Garden Sheds
* Under the house

Some bumblebee species will nest in the ground. This can make the nest very inaccessible which is another reason why you need to be using an experienced and trained bumblebee removal technician. The tunnel to the entrance of an underground bumblebee nest can be up to two meters longs. Disturbing this bumblebee nest tunnel can cause the colony to attack the perceived intruder.

Removing The BumbleBee Nest Safely And Efficiently

Bumble Bee on flowerDealing with the removal by yourself can be dangerous and difficult. While there are products available you need to consider the dangers of being stung if you apply these treatments. Getting rid of a mature bumblebee nest using home treatment can cause the bumblebees to swarm and sting. Some species of bumblebee, such as tree bumblebees, are particularly aggressive if the hive is approached or treated. The insecticides used in these DIY treatments are often harmful to humans and animals. This means that you may be risking your health as well as those of your children and pets. The sting from tree bumblebees very painful and the symptoms may last for a number of days. Also, some people will also suffer an allergic reaction to the sting which is known as anaphylaxis.

Call The Professional Sale BumbleBee Control Experts

If you have bumblebees on your property make sure that you don't get stung. Instead, use a professional Sale bumblebee control service to have the bumblebees removed from your property. Our Sale bumblebee control technicians are highly trained in efficiently removing bumblebee colonies and nests. Call us today to discuss any questions that you have about your Sale bumblebee control problem.