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Monton Pest Control 


When we see a vermin or pest, the first thing on our mind is how to obtain a commercially available DIY Monton Pest Controlinsecticide to deal with it. In most cases, those insecticides do not only fail to eliminate the pests, but they could also affect your health. In tiny pests such as fleas and bedbugs, they could develop resistance to the insecticide. In turn, you end up incurring unplanned costs and frustrations. Our advice is that once you spot a vermin or pest, immediately notify our ever-ready Monton pest control team and they will be at your premises in no time.

Monton pest control is a company situated in Monton, and it prides itself in delivering reliable, effective, and environmentally friendly treatment of pest infestation. We have been dealing with pests for decades, and the experience garnered over the years makes us one of the best in the business.

From our equipment to the technique used, our results in eradicating pests and preventing re-occurrences have often been successful. The insecticides used are safe that even a toddler wouldn't be affected at all.

Core Competencies

Monton pest control main objective is to ensure that its clients enjoy pest-free properties. Our services vary based on domestic and commercial aspects. The domestic pest control team ensures that you and your household are free from pests and vermin. The commercial pest control team aims at keeping your business premises pest-free to avoid losing customers. We deal with crawling insects, flying and non-flying insects, as well as rodents.

Mice & Rat Control

For ages, rats and mice have been known to have the

Monton mice & rat controlability to wreak havoc in almost every part of your premises. They are known to be disruptive and the losses that accrue because of them cannot go unignored. When such rodents gnaw on wooden structures, pipes, wires or other installation materials, the owner is left with nothing but losses. Worst case scenario could be a rodent chewing on a wire, resulting in an electricity-induced fire incident.

Therefore, when you spot one, do not hesitate to call us. We have a friendly and customer-oriented customer care team who will dispatch the mice & rat control team to your premises immediately. They are equipped with specialized personal protective equipment and tools such as bait stations, sprayers among others.

Wasp nest Removal treatment

Removing a wasp's nest could turn out to be very dangerous especially if you are allergic to its sting. This is because wasps are protective over their territory. That is why we recommend acquiring professional services to get rid of them to avoid risking you and your family from stings.

Our wasp nest removal treatment team starts by Monton wasp nest removaltreating the nest and wasps first. They have personal protective equipment for safety, and their experience enables them to control the nest effectively based on where it is located. We do not destroy all wasps because they are a part of the ecological system, but instead, we rehome them elsewhere. We only exterminate them if they risk your household or are located at an inaccessible part of your premises.

Advantages of using our services

As mentioned above, we prioritize our customer care function to provide a listening ear to any complaint you may have. This is enabled by our 24-hour customer care feature as you can notify us on invading pests at any time of the day or night. Interestingly, we are available even on public holidays.

Our team comprises of pest handlers who are highly skilled and trained in their field of work. They know

Monton pest control workerhow best to exterminate pests with minimum effect on the customer. We have high-quality tools and technique that give us an edge over the rest of the competition. Thus, you get the best service there is in the market at affordable charges. We can promise you discretion because our vehicles are not market. It's only you who knows that we are at your premises.