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24-Hour Lees Mice Control Treatment 

Mice are pests known to be destructive. TheyLees Mice Control Treatment  invade a home and cause damage to our property. Mice Control Services from Young’s Pest Control experts offer Mice Control Treatments and Removal Services at an Economical Price. 

Controlling Mice are essential as they cause more harm and diseases to human and pets. Many illnesses have been transmitted through mice. Some of the common threats brought by mice include; 

Diseases transmitted by mice 

  • Hantavirus, which is potentially life-threatening 
  • Salmonellosis 
  • Mice-bite fever 

Apart from diseases, mice gnaw on anything they find. They consume and damage human food in the store. They contaminate food with urine and faeces in food stores, reducing sales value and even food poisoning. 

Mice also destroy household items such as; cupboards, shelves, sofas, floors, buildings and clothe in wardrobes. In addition, they feed on electricity wires and cause fires. 

Identifying Mice in a House

Its appearance can identify a mouse. It is a Lees Mice Control Treatment small-bodied rodent with much dark, smooth fur on its body. Mice have large ears and small eyes. You may not see a mouse moving around as they spend most time hiding in their nests and only come out to look for food. However, you don’t have to set traps to catch a mouse; it is a dangerous approach in controlling mice. There are easy signs to watch for to know if you have mice infestation; 

Night Sounds

Mice are active at night when people are asleep. They are nocturnal creatures and tend to shy from a human. They move around at night looking for food remains. You will hear gnawing sounds, squeaking, scampering, or scurrying. 

Mouse Droppings and Urine

Mouse have slender, rod-like faeces with pointed endings. 

Mice Nest 

Nests are made of shredded paper, wood and clothing. They reproduce so fast within six weeks to pups. 

Keep in mind that other rodents and pests could leave droppings on surfaces. If you are not sure, schedule a free inspection with Lees Mouse Exterminator. 

Why it is Not Recommended to Exterminate Mice By Yourself 

We know you are tired of this pest, and so you wish for a quick way to control them. You may choose to handle them by yourself. This is a wrongLees Mice Control Treatment  approach way in dealing with mice. The good news is that Young’s Pest Control offers a 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Mice Services that is safe, easy and quick. Attempts to get rid of mice could be harmful to you than beneficial. 

Home-made products and aerosols may contaminate food causing food poisoning. For example, Mice will move around kitchen surfaces looking for food; therefore, you will have to put pesticides on kitchen shelves and surfaces. These products will come in contact with your food leading to contamination. 

If you decide to try spraying surfaces, it is risky as they affect the human respiratory system. One will have shortness of breath, breathing problem and Asthma attack. It may also cause instant death. 

Mice traps are also harmful to humans and pets. Most mice traps have glue or sharp blades to trap mice. What if it traps you, or toddlers, or your pests instead of the target? Never try to set traps on floors or places that are risky. 

Lees Pest Control Mice 

You don’t have to worry when you have Mice Infestation. They might have had difficulties getting into the house, but getting them out is easier than you think with Lees Mouse Exterminator. Our 24-Hour Professional Pest Control Mice service is the most unregretful way to go as we deliver an environment free from Mice. 

If you notice one mouse, there are several mice in your home or company. Lees Pest Control Mice are the safest way for Mice Control Treatments and Removal Services. 

Other added advantages are; same-day service, working for 7days of the week and 24-Hour service. We give unbeatable customer service.