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Lees Pest Control 

Gone are the days when you had to take days off

Lees pest control workerwork to do house cleaning to take care of the frequent occurring pest problems. Over the years, many homeowners have been living in a stressful situation in cases of pest infestations. However, in recent days this is a situation you can put in the past by engaging Young’s Pest Control to care for such incidents. 

Why Young’s Pest Control is the solution you are seeking 

How great is it that every time you face an issue dealing with pests you are capable of calling professionals? Young’s Lees pest control will cater to these needs no matter regardless of the time of the call. Furthermore, the company guarantees specific management procedures beneficial to the customer. These are: 

  • Commitment to providing equivalently high quality of jobs 
  • working within a specific time frame following the customer wishes 
  • Providing friendly expense cost for the customers 
  • Limited property damage when tackling a task 

What you need to know about the pests in question 

It does not hurt for you to know the level of the threat these pests cause so that you can always stay on toes when you get to encounter them. In the case of being in contact with the following mentioned pests do not hesitate to call for professional help to offer service support that will immediately eradicate the issue. 

1. Bedbugs 

Lees Bedbugs treatmentThe nightmare that will give you sleepless nights and make you hate going to sleep. With an infestation of these pests at your house trust me, you will hate every moment you will spend at your house. The good news is that you need not worry about it. It is manageable with the help of professionals. Here are some of the effects caused by bedbugs:

  • In most cases the bits from bedbugs cause itching, irritation, skin rashes and ultimately a burning sensation. 
  • Bedbug droppings can cause asthmatic attacks to sensitive people 
  • Skin scars can persist for longer periods 
  • With frequent bites, you are prone to significant blood loss leading to anaemia. 

2. Bumblebee 

The simple and sweet look creature can also be a pest in your house. Having these creatures make

Lees Bumble Bee on floweryour home theirs too by building hives can pose a danger to your family. They are very dangerous. Furthermore, it is not a simple task to remove their nest. It needs professional help so that they can not bring danger to your family. There are various effects they bring, they include: 

  • Swelling of the skin 
  • itchiness and redness of the sting sight 
  • Allergic reactions to sensitive people 


Wasps come from the same family as the bees but in this case more dangerous and frightening even to be near. There are various types of wasps. Depending on the species, the level of wasp nest removal treatment will vary. Some of the various types are: 

  • Vespula vulgaris a type of wasp that feeds on a pear. The adults like feeding on sugar. 
  • Vespa crabro 

Lees wasp nest removalWith these specifies in mind there is a preferable choice of the wasp nest removal treatment. However, keep in mind that you should not poke the nest or get near it without the professionals as they are so protective as when they sting is a sense of trying to subdue the prey or defend the nest. 

4. Mice & rat control

A common problem for both people living in urban and rural areas. They are most destructive to both food and some of the house appliances that you may have. They do not leave anything behind. Mice & rat control needs some bit of help. With an infestation like this, it means that they have come in large numbers and you cannot manage just by chasing or instantly stumping on them. 

Professional support in mice and rat control will have Lees Mice & rat controlsome little bit of technical procedures that will keep them out for a while. Exterminators have personal protective equipment that keep them safe when dealing with these creatures and therefore keep calm and seek the help from Young's Pest Control you well deserve.