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Professional Heywood Flea Treatment

Fleas can get into a house in a variety of ways, from hitching a ride on a pet to being brought in by other pests such as rats and mice. Once inside they are likely to bite any host they jump onto and this includes animals and people. This means a flea infestation can be an uncomfortable experience and it is important to deal with it quickly. Looking to professional help for Heywood flea treatments is one of the best options to get rid of this common pest and Young’s Pest Control is a professional organisation that offers this service. Don't try home treatment from store-bought products, not only are they ineffective, they are also a waste of money.

Flea Basics

FleaFleas are external parasitic insects that will attach themselves to a host in search of a blood meal. They have mouthparts capable of piercing through skin and in a home will take a meal from any warm-blooded host. This includes you as well as pets such as cats, dogs, and other animals. Fleas do not spend their entire life living on a host though and will hop on to get the blood they need and hop off again to hide in carpets, furniture, curtains, and other home furnishings.


The lifecycle of the common flea is made up of four stages. It starts with adults laying eggs that hatch to produce small larvae. These feed on debris found on floors and furniture, and they will typically live in dark cracks and crevices to avoid sunlight. The larvae grow for around 1 to 2 weeks before pupating and the adult fleas emerge from the cocoons. If fleas find their way into a home, the only way to break the lifecycle and kill them off is with a Heywood flea treatment.

Signs of Flea Infestation

While fleas are small they can be seen with the naked eye although it is likely other signs that will alert homeowners to their presence. Those with pets may notice the animal trying to bite and scratch fur due to the discomfort of fleas and bites. Grooming with a flea comb over a sheet of white paper will usually reveal the live insects and their droppings. Fleas will also bite humans and this, in particular, can happen to the lower legs and feet. The marks are typically a small dark spot, with a redder area surrounding it. They can cause irritation as the body reacts to them and will usually be noticed immediately they happen.

Flea Removal

Cat and dog fleasClearing a flea infestation is more than just killing the adults and hiring a professional Heywood flea treatment expert is the best way of ensuring this annoying pest is eradicated from your home. They have Heywood flea treatment solutions that will target the eggs, larvae, and adults for complete flea removal. They also have the experience to know exactly where to target flea fumigation to stop the problem flaring up again and can coordinate the work they do with other control measures if pests such as rats are responsible for bringing fleas in.

The Heywood flea treatment services of Young’s Pest Control are available to any property owner suffering from an infestation. Our lines are always open, so just give us a call if fleas are a problem and we can arrange a visit to take care of this.