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Horwich Pest Control Services

Young's Pest Control serves the public with excellent customer service, 24-hour availability plus emergency service, and the best in pest treatment techniques and products. Problems ranging from bedbugs and chronic flea infestations to troublesome wildlife such as badgers and geese are dealt with using an array of Horwich pest control services including trapping, dogs, firearms, chemical treatments and others.

Fleas & Bedbugs

These tiny pests can easily become established in the house before the occupants are even aware of a problem. Often the first sign of fleas is an itchy pet, but when repeated flea baths fail to solve the problem long term, the cause is likely an infestation in the house. Both fleas and bedbugs will bite humans and can cause itching and rashes in susceptible individuals. Young's pest control service can ensure that these invisible infestations are dealt with.

Bees, Wasps & Ants

Insects that live in colonies can be particularly hard to get rid of since the queen must be destroyed in order to remove the colony, which can be hard to find or difficult to access for treatment. In addition, bees, wasps and even ants can sting or bite and cause painful welts and even potentially lethal allergic reactions. Wasps, in particular, are very aggressive and territorial and can sting multiple times, making them a real safety hazard. Professionals have the training and access to effective pesticides needed to safely eradicate colonial insects.


Brown RatMice and rats are common household pests and can be difficult to control. Because they are so versatile and can squeeze through surprisingly tiny space, they can make themselves at home just about anywhere, and once established they reproduce quickly to create an infestation.
Both mice and rats can bite and carry diseases that affect people as well as cats and dogs. Even cleaning up the droppings of these animals can carry a disease risk, and droppings can contaminate food in storage. A professional Horwich pest control service is the best way to deal with these pests.


Badgers, moles, rabbits, squirrels and birds are all familiar creatures, but these and many more can be pests if they get into the house or are causing problems in the garden. Since wild animals can carry germs and also be aggressive if they feel threatened, they are best dealt with through a Horwich pest control company. The 24-hour service at Young's ensures help is always available.