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Eagley Pest Control 

 There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a home

Eagley Pest Controloverrun by pests. Besides all the annoying sounds they make when running around, buzzing, and crawling, pests also cause damage to property and numerous health hazards. Unfortunately, these creatures are everywhere, constantly looking for new places to breed and get food. Like humans, they specifically target warm regions where they can get a ready supply of food. Eagley is one such area. Here you’ll find everything from mice and rats to wasps and ants, bedbugs, and fleas. 

 Perhaps the main concern about pests is how fast they multiply. If not taken care of properly, a small infestation can easily grow tenfold. Then it’s an outbreak. For best results, you must call a professional to deal with the infestation as quickly and effectively as possible. At Young’s Eagley Pest Control, we have the experience and equipment needed to handle both small and large pest infestation problems. We pride ourselves in our competent team of experts, trained to deal with everything from wasp nest removal treatment to mice & rat control in both residential and commercial properties.

 We handle a wide array of pests, including:

 • Flying and stinging insects 

 • Rodents

 • Crawling insects

 Stinging insects

 Stinging insects include all the buzzing insects you run away from. Wasps, honey bees, and bumblebees Eagley Wasp nest removalare the most common of them. What makes stinging insects dangerous is that they are territorial and therefore really aggressive if you approach their hives. If handled unprofessionally, they can attack you in swarms, causing serious stings. These stings can be extremely lethal if you are allergic. 

 Stinging insects don’t cause much property damage; however, the constant fear of being randomly stung can be torture. If the hives are positioned at a commercial site, they may drive away business. The hives have to be correctly and completely disposed of. Else, the swarm will rebuild a new hive at the very same position. This is why Wasp nest removal treatment comes so highly recommended.


 Rodents include all the small crawling mammals like Eagley mice & rat controlrats, mice, and grey squirrels. Other than the nerve-wracking feeling when they scurry past, rodents can cause health risks and damage property. They will gnaw away at literally anything. Whether it's paper, food, wood, electrical wiring, and walls, there’s no limit to the destruction they can cause.

 • Rodents are tiny and can, therefore, fit large communities in small spaces. 

 • On average, they’ll breed about 7 offsprings in one litter. 

 • They carry disease-causing organisms in their saliva and faeces and can cause serious health risks. 

 • On top of that, rodents are intelligent and can adapt to DIY traps. 

 Young’s Eagley Pest Control unit has been handling these vermin for years. Our mice & rat control team has accumulated enough expertise to get rid of these creatures most effectively and humanely possible.

 Crawling bugs

 Crawling bugs include pestering insects like fleas, ants, and bedbugs. Because of their small sizes, these bugs are extremely difficult to eradicate. They can fit Eagley ant pest controlthemselves into small spaces and go incognito for days only to reemerge later when you think it’s all good. Some homeowners opt to try and exterminate them themselves, but some of these methods like pesticides are toxic, and if used incorrectly, might harm the other occupants. The worst part being, the pests will still not be completely eradicated.

 Bed bugs are especially notorious for this. Besides being resilient to pesticides, their flat nature allows them to go unnoticed. They usually expertly hide during the day then seemingly come out of nowhere at night in large packs to continue haunting your sleep. You can save yourself the trouble and your sanity by calling professionals who can solve the problem completely, without risking the health of your residents.

 Why choose Young’s Pest Control?

 At Young's, we are extremely professional in eradicating pests. All our staff is professionally trained to evaluate and pick out the most efficient techniques for dealing with pests. Other than that, we also offer:

 • Free quotations

 • Over 20 years of experience

 • Readily available customer support

 • Fully assured treatment options

 • 30-90 minute quick response

 • Treatment of all kinds of pests

 • Affordable options

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