Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Offerton Wasp Nest Removal

Offerton Wasp Nest RemovalIn the United Kingdom, the two most commonly found types of wasp are the common wasp(Vespula vulgaris) and the German Wasp (Vespula Germanica). Hornets are not very common in the UK and can be distinguished by their brown and yellow stripes rather than the black and yellow stripes of wasps. Hornet and wasp control professionals are very important in safely getting rid of wasp nests.

The role of the professional wasp exterminator

 At the very least, a sting from a wasp can cause very severe pain for the victim. In the worst-case scenario, a person stung by a wasp may suffer from a very severe allergic reaction which could result in being in the hospital. Consequently, it is important to put the responsibility for removing wasp nests in the hands of a trained professional.

Wasp nest removal costs are dependent on the size of the nest, the difficulty of the location and the amount of time required. Hiring a person who is experienced in hornet and wasp control will mean that the wasp exterminator will be equipped with protective clothing, have all the relevant tools and be used to dealing with the poisonous insecticides used to get rid of wasp nests.

Once the nest is located the wasp exterminator will Offerton Wasp Nest Removalplace a insecticide around the nest which will be taken inside by the wasps. This method does not cause any disruption to the nest and the consequence of making the inhabitants very angry. Once the nest is devoid of life, wasps will not return to the same nest next year.

Common locations for wasp nests

 Locations, where wasp nests are commonly located, can be found on both business and residential properties. All types of premises can be professionally dealt with for Offerton wasp nest removal requirements.

The wasps will choose to construct their nest under trees, in bushes, in wall cavities and under the roof eaves. Away from the main building, a shed or garage may provide a venue for wasp nest building. Wasp nest removal costs will be related to each situation.

A nest will normally be started by the wasps during the springtime, they will often only be the size of a small ball during the early part of the construction. Offerton Wasp Nest RemovalDuring this time, the wasps tend to be less aggressive so it is best if they can be removed at this stage. As the nest becomes more developed it may reach the size of a soccer ball and the wasps from within it may be very much more aggressive when coming into contact with humans.

A completed nest can provide a home to between 3,000 and 5,000 worker wasps and their queen. Interestingly, the worker wasps live for less than three weeks while the queen may live for around a year.

Preventative measures

 As the warmer weather arrives during the springtime, it is wise to check around the premises to see if there is any evidence of wasp activity in building a nest on the property. The first indication may be the appearance of wasps around the rubbish bins. To combat any issue with this it is wise to move the waste bins away from the property during the Offerton Wasp Nest Removalwarmer months of the year. It is also recommended that the lids of the bins are securely fastened to stop the wasps from gaining access.

As a further precaution, 'fly screens' can be fitted to any windows which may need to be open during the warmer weather periods. This precaution will allow cooling air to enter the property without allowing flying pests to access.


 Having a wasp nest on the premises is potentially dangerous, particularly with young children in the family. A sting from a wasp can be painful and may Offerton Wasp Nest Removallead to hospital treatment being required. Professional assistance should be sought when it is necessary to get rid of wasp nests as a lack of knowledge, equipment and experience may lead to a very dangerous incident taking place and result in extreme pain and suffering for the victim.