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Professional Droylsden Flea Treatment

Young's Pest Control are experts in Droylsden flea treatment. We will disperse a variety of pests from your home, office, warehouse or hospital, and flea removal is one of the services we have been providing to satisfied customers in Manchester. Other services we provide are rodent, wasp and bee control.

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Did you know?
You know that fleas are parasites who feed on the blood of humans, animals and birds. You also might know that like all insects, fleas go through four stages in their lives: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

But did you know that:

Flea• Adult fleas can survive several weeks without having a blood meal
• Fleas’ larvae love wall-to-wall carpeting. It is dark and humid there, which is ideal conditions for their development. They don’t need much food, apart from organic debris and adult fleas’ excrement.

• Central heating does not keep just you warm and cosy, but also the larvae and thus contributes to a flea infestation.

• Fleas can feed on animals other than its normal host. For example, a cat flea would welcome a drop of human blood too.

Why Flea Control?

• Fleas can be carriers of disease and may transmit parasitic worms

- Rodent fleas were a cause of bubonic plague, which was transmitted to humans and resulted in the Black Death in Europe and Asia in the 14th to 17th centuries.
- Rodent fleas may be carriers murine typhus.
- The dog flea is an intermediate host of the dog tapeworm. This can sometimes be transmitted to man.

• Flea infestation is usually discovered when humans notice fleabites on their body. These bites look like raised, swollen itching spots with a dot in the centre. Fleabites cause irritation and allergic reactions. Itching can last for weeks.
• Because fleas bite and scratch humans’ head, hair loss may result.

Why Young’s Pest Control?

Cat and dog fleasYoung’s Pest Control offers a professional service Droylsden flea treatment. Flea removal done by untrained people using store bought products will not be effective and can lead to more problems in the long run.

-Pest control treatments sold at DIY outlets contain a low dosage of insecticide.
-It may be dangerous to you, your children and pets to perform flea fumigation on your own.

-Our experts are trained in using professional means for Droylsden flea treatment, such as flea fumigation and others, in a safe and effective way.
-After an ineffective home-made flea removal fleas may return again.

Young’s Pest Control staff will advise you on how to prevent future flea infestation and will proof your premises.

Benefits to you include:
• Good hygiene
• High-quality working environment
• The excellent reputation of your business
• Peace of mind in knowing that your premises will be free of fleas in the future

Reliable competitive service:

• We will underbid any like-for-like quote
• You can opt for our Non-contract service, where you pay-as-you-need our services
• Or you can choose our Contract Service, that is, planned prevention at fixed cos