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Professional Bolton Honey Bee Nest Removal

Just pests, not parasites!

Macro shot of bees swarming on a honeycombHoney bees are one of the stranger pests that you might find in your home or office. They are very industrious and will attempt to form hives in just about any warm, protected climate; wall cavities and voids, attics, pipes, and air-con systems are just some of the more common places where honey bee control has been needed.

The term 'infestation' cannot be applied in the same way to honey bees as it can to other pests; they are in no way parasitic and have no interest in harming humans unless their swarm or hive is attacked. However, it is this possibility that means Bolton honey bee nest removal is necessary regardless. In large numbers, honey bees will have no hesitation in striking back if they feel under threat. For those with allergies to bees and their stings, this can prove fatal. In any case, they are an inconvenience that you needn't put up with.

Honey bee swarm removal is easier than removing the hive or nest. If you see a large group of bees in an outside, bare setting, they may be looking to find their next home, in which case preventative measures can be simple and effective. Young's Pest Control can deal with anything from a small swarm to full-scale Bolton honey bee nest removal. Once the bees have been removed, Bolton honey bee hive removal can take place to ensure that the empty nest does not attract other unwanted pests.

Honeybee swarmThe biggest danger is in trying to carry out honey bee control yourself; many think it will be easy to take care of as bees are generally content with just going about their business. This is dangerous and will only serve to annoy the bees en masse when they become defensive and strike back. Even small scale honey bee swarm removal is dangerous if not done properly. Additionally, those who try to carry out Bolton honey bee nest removal risk having an accident in the house when trying to get to hard to reach places. A call to us is the easier, more convenient option, and our expertly trained staff will be able to assess which pest is in your building (it is still very easy to mistake bees for the more dangerous wasp, and vice versa!) and tailor their approach accordingly, meaning the treatment is perfectly fit to the nature of the infestation. You do not even have to wait; we can attend 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning almost instant peace of mind.