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Little Lever Honey Bee Nest Removal Should Always Be Carried Out by Professionals

At the peak of the summer months, a honey bee nest can be home to 50,000 bees. Honey Bees swarm until they find somewhere to nest and this could be in many places in or around your property.


Honey Bee Hive• Facia boards
• Under or on Eaves
• Outside/inside of sheds, garages, outbuildings
• Trees


• Lofts/attics
• Roof spaces
• Areas between floorboards and ceilings
• Wall cavities

Little Lever honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal by experts will be needed to make these areas safe.

Honey Bee Strings

Honey Bees can be aggressive if threatened. Each Honey Bee can sting only once, the bee then dies. The stinger is barbed and will stay in the skin and carry on pumping venom for a short time. The sting should be removed as soon as possible and medical treatment sought immediately for any adverse response such as an allergic reaction. Any Honey Bee nest or swarm close to people or property should be removed quickly and professionally.

Honey Bee Nests

Access to property or outbuildings by Honey Bees is gained by entering through the smallest cracks or openings and once a nest or colony is established removal - of maybe 50,000 bees - can be difficult. Little Lever honey bee nest removal and honey bee hive removal by professionals is essential. After the nest removal, all of the evidence needs to be eradicated to prevent another colony of Honey Bees being attracted to the site.

Honey Bee Swarm removal should be arranged if you have a swarm of Honey Bees in close proximity to your property. The bees will swarm in thousands on the outside of buildings and stay there for days while a small number of the bees look for a site to nest.

Honey Bee swarm in treeSigns of a Honey Bee Nest

• Honey Bee activity. A number of bees around one particular area of your property.
• Pieces of wax comb.

If you notice either of these events, Honey Bee's control is needed.

For all Honey Bee Problems Ring


Professionals are needed to confirm the problem and to deal with it quickly.