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Brown RatRats are not only a menace in a home, but also pose the danger of spreading diseases. Among these diseases is e.coli, cryptosporidiosis, tuberculosis and Weil’s disease. They can also cause allergic reactions with the ticks, mites and fleas that they carry. Well, these health issues are just part of the problems caused by rats as they can also destroy structures and home materials. The risks of such are increased more when you have a Manchester rat infestation.

Is there a problem if they live in the garden?

If you have rats in the garden, soon enough you will see them in your building. All they need is a 1cm gap to squeeze themselves in. However, if you call Manchester rat control experts, they will explore such areas so as to get rid of rats completely.

What are the signs of a rat infestation?

Rats are nocturnal and will in most cases try to hide away from humans. It is therefore difficult to see them and you may even live thinking they are not there, while they actually are. There are, however, signs to watch out for when trying to determine if you have a rat infestation. Such include:

• Marks of gnawing- rats gnaw continuously on plastic and wood
• Bad smell- if you can smell something like ammonia under cupboards, floorboards or lofts, then its most probable that you have rats around.
• Scratching noise- you may sometimes hear some scratching noise behind the walls, in the ceiling or loft.
• Dark droppings of about 14 mm long.
• Presence of holes on the back of cupboards or in dark places.
• Dead rats or live ones running around.

If ratyou get to notice some of the signs mentioned above, call our Manchester rat control professionals to help you confirm if there is an infestation. Once confirmed, pest control treatment will be used to remove them. This method is advantageous over DIY techniques since it enables you to get rid of rats once and for all. Effective pesticides are also left in their nests thereafter to prevent them from coming back again. Young’s pest control professionals will not only offer you quality services but will also educate you more about rats and carry out visits thereafter to ensure the problem was solved completely. All charges are customer friendly and the services can be requested for any time of the day, whether day or night. You are therefore set to greatly benefit from Young's pest control treatment services.