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Are squirrels causing you problems? 

If you have squirrels in your house, it's critical that you actBlackley Squirrel Control treatment quickly. Squirrels can cause much damage, and they can also transmit diseases. In a nutshell, they are hazardous to have around your loved and below, we will explain why. Above all, you should always refer to a professional service instead of eradicating the issue yourself. DIY methods often prove more costly, especially with a smart vermin like a squirrel, so give Blackley Squirrel Pest Control a shout and let us deal with this problem for you.

How do they enter the property?

Squirrels find a way into your home through weak spots around the home. They can chew through things like wood, concrete, metals and plastics. Why you may ask - that is because their teeth never stop growing, so the only way for them to keep these teeth filed down is by gnawing on hard items. 

Blackley Squirrel Control treatmentUnfortunately, this includes wooden rafters or even support beams, making them weak to a point where they could collapse. On your roof, they can rip into your roof. Suppose you have weak spots in the valley of your roof. In that case, they will use this to their advantage and weaken it more, leaving holes so when rainy weather is around, you have a mass of issues on your hands, including rainwater gushing in causing dampness and rot in certain parts.

Where can you usually find them?

These pests will often build their nest in numerous locations around your home, but the most common that we notice is lofts, roof spaces, crawl spaces between decking, garages, sheds and outbuildings. However, please note that they are not limited to these areas and will convert an unused corner as a home for them; that's why Squirrel Control is a job best left to Blackley Squirrel Trapping for effective results.

These creatures' damage knows no bounds because they can build their home in between the cavity insulation once they are inside. They will gnaw on this, making that part less effective than the rest of your insulation. In addition, they will chew electrical wires. This can cause sparks. It can cause your electrical goods to malfunction due to short circuits and even fires. Hopefully, it never comes to this, and it can be avoided if you act as soon as you notice one by calling Blackley Squirrel Trapping for help with Getting Rid Of Squirrels. Then, your home can once again be squirrel free.

Description of a grey squirrel

The Grey Squirrel is a medium-sized squirrel that can weighBlackley Squirrel Control treatment between 1 and 3 pounds, with a maximum weight of 5 pounds. They measure 18 to 26 inches long, including their 8-inch tail. Grey Squirrels are the most common long-tailed tree squirrel in England. However, since 1981, they have been vermin that should be exterminated due to their destructive habits and ability to spread diseases like salmonella leptospirosis and squirrel pox.

When it comes to squirrels, there is no room for DIY. These pests are clever, and they will quickly learn how to outsmart your traps or deterrents. If you're not an expert in dealing with squirrel infestations, it's best to leave the job to the Blackley Squirrel Controlprofessionals. Blackley Squirrel Pest Control has been helping people get rid of squirrels for years. Our experience and expertise enable us to ensure minimal damage caused by the invasion. A squirrel infestation should be dealt with as soon as possible. These animals can cause significant damage in a very short amount of time, resulting in thousands of pounds worth of damage. Don't delay act now!