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Why Young's Pest Control for Professional Atherton Flea Treatment Services

Fleas! The very word is enough to make most people's skin crawl. Never the less, they can be a common pest, even in the cleanliest of households. If you fall into this category, and you have been unfortunate enough to host a flea infestation, then you need professional Atherton flea treatment services from Young's Pest Control.

Young's Pest Control are highly experienced professionals when it comes to pests in general including specific Atherton flea treatments. We can manage your flea removal and flea treatment needs in a safe and efficient manner. No amount of DIY sprays or treatment is sufficient enough to combat your problem.

Fleas are a small, agile insect, usually 1.5 - 3.5 mm in length. They feed on the blood of warning blooded mammals using a specially adapted tube-shaped appendage. There are thousands of different flea species, but the 3 most common types in the UK include:-

1. The Human Flea - This flea has a wide host spectrum including cats, dogs and small mammals and rodents. Professional flea fumigation and flea control are recommended methods of countering this common pest.

Print2. The Cat Flea - This flea finds its host primarily in cats as its name suggests, but is also capable of biting humans. This flea is usually between 1-2 mm very flat in appearance which makes it hard to detect. Again professional flea fumigation and flea control are recommended treatments.

3. The Dog Flea - This flea finds its host amongst both cats and dogs. Humans are also targets, usually children. This species is especially troublesome as it carries Dippylidium Caninum, also known as flea tapeworm, cucumber tapeworm, or double-pore tapeworm. These nasty parasites can infect humans (especially children), causing diarrhoea and restlessness. The treatment methods for dog flea infestation are the same as the previous species.

Fleas are generally found hosting upon warm-blooded animals. Specific hosts can include dogs, cats, humans, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and squirrels plus many more. Apart from being a nuisance to the host, problems can arise when animals/birds try to peck, bite or scratch the area of irritation caused by the presence of the fleas. This can lead to wounds and infection. The area where a flea has bitten usually presents as a red swollen lump, usually formed into clusters. These bites can remain inflamed and irritated for weeks after the initial bite.

The problems associated with flea bites include:-

Flea1. Hair Loss - This can be due to the biting, scratching done by the host in an attempt to rid itself of the flea infestation. This can look unsightly on both humans and animals.
2. Anaemia - A decrease in the number of red blood cells in the blood. This can lead to the host feeling weak and fatigued.
3. Tape Worm - As mentioned previously, this can leave the host, particularly children with diarrhoea and restlessness.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to safeguard your family, home and pets against the threat of fleas. If you require Atherton flea treatment or flea removal, contact Young's Pest Control NOW!