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Aspull Pest Control 


Most UK residents have either experienced pests or

Aspull Pest Controlare experiencing them now. If you ever get affected, be rest assured that we, Aspull Pest Control, are here to help. Our company was founded decades ago, and we have amassed invaluable experience along the way. Our main objective is to get the job done and receiving positive results.

We have a capable team that is skilled and knowledgeable on matters concerning pest control. Also, they are armed with modern equipment that combats pests effectively and in a human-friendly manner.

Services we offer

We provide both domestic and commercial treatment services. Aspull pest control offers treatment against most pests and vermin such as Aspull pest controlants, bedbugs, flying insects, and rodents like mice and rats. Also, our technical team have the know-how to identify the entry points used by pests and vermin. Observing any pest in your property is very distressing but worry no more as our job is to keep your property safe from pest infestation.

We deal with mice, rats, beavers, squirrels, and other rodents very effectively. We also provide expert advice on the measures to employ to prevent future infestations. Our personnel are well spread out in Aspull and are just a phone call away. They use vehicles with no signage or markings, and thus, your privacy is respected.

Mice & Rat Control

Rodents are very destructive, especially when it Aspull mice & rat controlcomes to papers, wires, and wooden materials. They also destroy food resulting in contamination. Our company has a mice & rat control team whose aim is to protect you and your homestead from mice and rat infestations. They are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to effectively eliminate rodents in your household or business premises.

In the event you come across a rat or mouse, notify us immediately. It is hard to distinguish between the two. However, our team has the know-how to differentiate them and apply the best treatment to control the rodent. We not only deal with the two rodents but also deal with many other rodents.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Our company has personnel that have specialized in wasp handling. Wasp stings are extremely painful Aspull Wasp nest removaland risky to people who have allergies to their stings or small children. Being specialists in wasp handling, we provide same-day treatment of wasp nests. However, the complete wasp nest removal treatment and elimination is a sequential process. If you remove the nest before the wasps are completely inactive, it will pose a huge risk to you and the people near you. It involves treating the wasps and their nests on the first day to inactivate the wasps. After 48 hours, the entire nest can then be removed off.

If you spot a nest or hear wasps buzzing in your compound, give us a call immediately and be rest assured that the situation will be taken care of in the best way possible.

Benefits enjoyed by our customers

First, our clients enjoy cheaper rates as compared to our competitors. We undercharge our services and over-deliver on our services. As aforementioned, privacy is another rare benefit enjoyed by our clients because our vans are not marked. Post-purchasing monitoring is another benefit that you can enjoy. We always come back periodically to check if our treatment was effective, at no cost to you. If you spot a pest in your vicinity, kindly let us know, and you won't hear about the problem again.

Also, we enter contracts with individuals to inspect and monitor the presence of pests and vermin monthly. Finally, 24-hour customer care service is another benefit associated with working with us to solve pest issues. Our offices operate around the clock and are open during the holidays as well. Therefore, upon sight of the pest, immediately inform us, and we will respond within one hour.

We cover all pests in Aspull. Here's an example of a few Pest's Below:

Mice Control

Rat Control

Wasp Nest Removal