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Professional Ashton-Under-Lyne Woodworm Treatment

holzwurmThe problems a woodworm infestation causes can run from an annoyance that ruins furniture to something altogether more serious that results in structural damage to property. The key to avoiding serious trouble is to put in place treatment for woodworm as quickly as possible. For those that think they may have a problem, bringing in an expert to confirm and deal with this is the best possible solution. Young’s Pest Control has experienced staff that can provide this service to ensure that an infestation is dealt with quickly by applying Ashton-Under-Lyne woodworm treatment furniture or other wooden pieces need to clear them of the pest.

Woodworm Basics

The lifecycle of woodworm has four main stages. It starts with eggs being laid in the cracks and crevices of wooden objects and this can include floorboards, structural beams, and furniture in a home. A larva hatches from the egg and this is the stage when most damage is caused. The larva will eat their way through wooden objects and this creates a network of small tunnels. A woodworm infestation can result in many tunnels that weaken and damage wood to the point of collapse. The third stage of the lifecycle is the larva pupating and this leads to the final stage of the adult beetle. The pupa is generally formed close to the surface and this allows the beetle to more easily chew its way out. Adults will then mate and lay eggs so the lifecycle can start over again unless an Ashton-Under-Lyne woodworm removal treatment spray is used to disrupt it and kill the insects.

Woodworm Signs

There are a few tell-tale signs that show evidence of a woodworm infestation. The exit holes where the adults chew their way out can start to become obvious and the dust created when they do this will accumulate below an infested object. Other things to look out for are dead beetles, crumbling wood, and other damage to wooden objects. If a few of these signs become obvious then it is time to invest in an Ashton-Under-Lyne woodworm treatment spray.

Types of Woodworm

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThere are a few types of woodworm that can cause problems in the UK. The one most likely to be found in the common furniture beetle, which can infest structural timbers as well as wooden furniture. Others include powder post, house longhorn, and deathwatch beetles. It is important to identify which is causing problems as the treatment for woodworm varies depending on the species involved. This is why hiring a professional pest control service experienced in dealing with woodworm is important.

Young’s Pest Control

We have trained staff with knowledge of the different types of woodworm that can attack wooden features in and around a home. They are capable of identifying the species, establishing the full extent of the problem, and choosing the best Ashton-Under-Lyne woodworm treatment furniture pieces or structural timbers need to deal with an infestation. This provides the best chance of properly treating a woodworm problem to completely eradicate it.

If you suspect that woodworm is causing problems in your home we can easily be contacted for woodworm removal. Just give us a call or get in touch through our website message form and we will arrange to visit your property.