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Fight Rats with Professional Northwich Rat Control Treatments

Rats are common pests known all over the globe. Their ability to survive under different weather conditions is one factor why they are widely spread globally. Unfortunately, they are very active in competing with the man for food and shelter. They can also cause grave structural damage to the home and spread serious illness. You should, therefore, treat Northwich rat infestation as a predicament that needs to be resolved as fast as possible.

Types of Rats

Brown RatThe two major types of rats in the UK are the Norway rat and the black rat. However, the most common species in the UK is the brown rat. It is bigger than the black rat and often weighs over half a kilo. It can easily be identified by its blunt muzzle, tail that is shorter than the body length, and small ears covered with hair. Other facts about the brown rat are listed below.

•Matures up within three months
•Color varies from brown to grey
•Can produce up to 6 litter in a year
•They live for approximately one year
•They can live both indoors and outdoors
•Adults can measure 20 cm and over, excluding the tail length

Damages That Rats Cause

Northwich rat control is always necessary to avert the numerous damages that they pose to your property. For instance, they can damage roof girders made of wood and destroy major electric cables, gas, and water pipes. Such damages may even propel fire breakouts in some instances. They are also a threat to human health since they can transmit Weil's disease and Salmonella. These are some of the major proofs why effective Northwich rat control is necessary.

Controlling a Northwich Rat Infestation

ratProfessional pest control treatment will always offer you the best results if you want to get rid of rats. Remember that apart from transmitting illnesses, rats also waste and contaminate a lot of food intended for human consumption. By contracting a professional for Northwich rat control, you shall be protecting the lives of other innocent animals. Professionals will always avoid passing poisonous substances to other animals, pets and family members. Moreover, you need someone skilled in every aspect of pest control treatment in the UK.

In rat infestation, you should consult professionals from Young’s Pest Control. We have the workforce and the skills to get rid of rats without causing harm to the environment. So call us today and experience how effective our methods can be in exterminating pests.