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Professional Knutsford Rat Control Services

Brown RatStrange chewing noise coming from the walls? Finding mystery droppings in the back of the cupboard? Is the cat going crazy stalking something around the house? Any of these things could indicate a Knutsford rat infestation. But, whether or not anyone has spotted a rat, the presence of droppings is a good indicator that professional pest control treatment is needed.

Detecting a Rat Infestation

Rats are stealthy and can fit through tight spaces, so it is easy for one to get into the building create a rat infestation before the occupants even know they are there. Seeing a rat scurrying along a floorboard is a sure sign that Knutsford rat control is in order, but there are other signs. Persistent chewing sounds in the walls or ceiling, droppings in cupboards, or discovering nests, chew damage or droppings while doing repairs or renovations are all excellent indicators of a rodent problem, as is a pet bringing in a dead rat or mouse. Rats or mice, Young's Pest Control can assess the situation and select the best pest control treatment to guarantee it is taken care of.

Knutsford Rat Control Methods

Professional exterminators have a variety of tools at their disposal for rat removal. The most common means to get rid of rats are traps and poisons. Live traps can be used for humane control but will only be effective for removing a small number of rats, not an infestation. Kill traps are more effective but need to be appropriately bated and placed, or the rats will not approach them. Poison is effective but can sometimes be too effective - poisoned rats can poison predators like hawks and owls and even cats and dogs, which is usually lethal. Also, safety for the building occupants is essential when using either poison or traps, so placing them out of reach of children and animals is vital.

Why Use Professional Services?

ratKnutsford rat control professionals not only know how to use various methods to get rid of rats safely, but they can also select the best placement to be sure they are effective and that the rats can be adequately and safely disposed of. They can also tell the difference between rat and mouse signs and alter their treatments accordingly and may be able to advise on preventing future infestations. With reasonable pricing and 24-hour availability, Young's Pest Control is the best choice for Knutsford rat control.