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How To Eliminate Wasps With A Rainford Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

A wasp removal professional has the experience and training to locate all of the wasp nests and colonies on your residential or commercial property. Once the hive(s) have been identified they can remove or eliminate the nest using insecticide. This service is guaranteed and can be performed on the same day that you call.

Why wasps become more dangerous in Summer

During summer wasps will aggressively protect their nest from perceived intruders. Because of their ability to emit pheromones, they can attack en masse and sting multiple times without dying. Discovering a wasp nests therefore needs to be treated seriously. Wasp stings, especially those from the hornet wasp, can be very painful. Unfortunately a large number of people are also allergic to the wasp sting and so are potentially at even greater risk.

Understanding wasp nests and the colonies

wasp-150x150A wasp nests colonies are composed of a queen wasp, female worker waso and male wasps. The queen wasp will emerge in spring from hibernation to build the foundation of the nest. Once the first generation of female worker wasps are grown they will further develop this nest. Wasp nests often have an inverted teardrop or baseball late shape. They can be found in sheltered locations such as underneath the house, in the attic and inside the shed.

If you encounter a hornet wasp nest the next step should be to contact a wasp control service. They will be able to use a Rainford wasp nest removal treatment in order to completely eliminate the wasp infestation. This Rainford wasp nest removal treatment will not damage the property or harm other people or pets. Wasps are very aggressive during the summer months when the hive is at its peak. Trying to remove the wasp nest without proper training and equipment can lead to painful, and potentially dangerous, wasp stings.

Why wasps can attack multiple times

Anybody who has been stunned by a bee will quickly realise that attacking an intruder using their stinger is a last resort. When a bee stings someone, the stinger detaches from the body killing the bee. However in the case of the common wasp the stinger will not detach. This means that the wasp is able to sting the person or animal multiple times. This stinger will actually be used to incapacitate its prey which it then feeds on.

While the wasp typically preys on small insects it will also use the stinger to protect the hive and the young wasps from human intruders. Wasps can also pose a danger to pets who intrude on the hive. In one case in 2013, a Cocker spaniel in Fife, was stung more than 130 times and went into shock after disturbing wasp hive.

Make sure to contact a wasp control service as soon as a wasp nest is identified to prevent potential problems. If all of the wasps are not completely eliminated on the first visit, you won't have to pay for a second removal treatment. It's the smart way to be sure that your wasp problem is entirely taken care of.