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Deal With Your Haydock Mice Control Problem

Millions of homes in the UK are affected by mice infestation. It was once thought that mice only ever infect homes that are dirty and untidy, but this is definitely not the case. The problem is so prolific for a number of reasons.

- The mice are very cold in the winter and seek the warmth of people's homes.
- The mice can survive with very little food and no water. The small amounts of water that are in food is enough.
- A female mouse can give birth up to one hundred times a year and therefore, their numbers continue to grow.
- The places they first inhabit, they are often undetectable in, these places include:

  • Mouse NestBehind The Boiler
  • Inside Wall Insulation
  • Between Floorboards
  • In and around kitchen cupboards
  • Garages, sheds and other outhouses
  • Basements or attics

Many of the houses in the UK are old, leaving them susceptible to mice infestation because they are full of cracks and crevices that mice may sneak into.

It is a combination of these problems that more and more houses are victims of a mouse infestation. You may be asking yourself that aside from the obvious unpleasantness of a mice infestation, why is it such a problem?

Why Do We Need Professional Haydock Mice Control?

House mouse, Mus domesticusYou may think that mice are cute, cuddly and innocent. While that may be true for the mice you can find in a pet store, it is not true to those people who have had their house invaded by these creatures. Haydock mice control is a much-needed process in this country because of the damage they can cause. This type of damage includes the gnawing of treasured personal possessions and belongings as well as biting through wires, which is not only dangerous and a fire hazard, it can also cost a lot of money to fix.

The other reason why Haydock mice control is needed is because of the diseases which they can spread. A house mouse has a keen sense of smell which means that they are able to find lots of food and contaminate it. If a human comes into contact with mouse saliva, urine or excrement, then they can contract a lot of harmful diseases. These diseases include salmonella and many more, in fact, there are over 30 diseases that a mouse can carry, all of which are damaging to humans.

Professional Haydock Mice Control

Professional Haydock mice control is almost a must when it comes to dealing with a mice problem. Mice control does not just mean placing some mouse traps around the infected area. It requires a careful strategy in order to successfully eliminate all of the mice, which is something only a professional company, such as Young's pest control can achieve. The main thing with professional Haydock mice control is that the company, like Young's, will put in place precautions in order to make sure that the area is not as susceptible to infestation as it was before.