Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Reliable Haydock Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

The next time you hear a buzzing sound around your head, watch out to determine which insect it is. It may be a wasp. A wasp sting is poisonous and can cause some severe health problems if one is allergic to stings. Contrary to bees, wasps sting more than once. The risk is heightened more if they nest on your building. Once you discover you share the same structure, call wasp control experts as soon as possible. Please do not take it by yourself to remove the nest as they usually have guards around the door, and as soon as you attack, they retaliate.

With Young’s Haydock wasp nest removal treatment, you can completely rid your residential or commercial building of wasps that pose a danger to its users. The services can be requested for any time of the day, even if it is an emergency. Our professionals will educate you on the type of wasp being dealt with and steps to take to ensure they do not return.

Types of wasps you are likely to encounter

Solitary wasps

wasp nest removalSolitary wasps get their name from the lonely kind of life they live. In most cases, their nests are found around four main areas:

1. In empty holes abandoned by other insects like beetles
2. In tunnels built by themselves, and this can cause some harm to those walking barefoot in the garden.
3. Inside small nests made out of wood or mud.
4. The nest can also be built inside the body of their prey after killing it with their sting.

Social wasps

If the nest is that of social wasps, then you have a big problem under your building. Social wasps typically live in a cluster during summer, which can be as significant as 10,000. Their nests are commonly found between roof spaces, walls, inside attics, under buildings’ eaves, trees and underground. Therefore, our wasp control professionals will reach out to the nest, which in most cases proves to be difficult to homeowners, and remove it safely.

Young’s Haydock wasp nest removal treatment can also be used in clearing a hornet nest. However, Hornets are equally dangerous as wasps, and if allergic, the hornet sting can trigger anaphylactic reactions in the body.