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Professional Newton-Le-Willows Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps, just like a hornet, live in nests which are made by chewing a woody material that is then mixed with saliva to form a material that resembles a paper. They then use this material to construct their nests. What defines a wasp and a hornet as a pest is the fact that they prefer building their nests near or in residential areas or other places where they can interact with human beings.

wasp nest removalAre wasps really dangerous?
1) Wasps have venomous stingers. The wasps have the capability of stinging several times. This, together with the fact that they are in the thousands can make their stings severe and life-threatening.
2) The stings can make people who are allergic to the venom experience a very hard time because they cause itching as well as painful swelling. In extreme cases, one may need to consult a doctor since it can cause death.
3) The wasps collect disease causing organisms as they move over dirty surfaces as they look for insects. These organisms get into the sac containing the venom. This means that the sting injects venom and pathogens into the body.

Why you should engage Young's professionals in wasp control
1) The dangerous nature of wasp control makes it necessary to engage our professionals. This is because they use personal protective equipment as well as specialized tools to make use of their experience.
2) Our structural inspectors are able to trace the exact location of the hidden nests hence making the application of a Newton-Le-Willows wasp nest removal treatment easier
3) Our Newton-Le-Willows wasp nest removal treatment makes sure that the wasps are eliminated together with their nest, hence reducing the chances of their return. It is a wholesome solution to the entire problem.

Above all, our exceptional services are worth your trial. We will respond to your charges free calls within an hour during any day of the week. Moreover, we take away the burden of any kind of losses that may emanate from our services by fully insuring them. Not forgetting that efficient delivery of our affordable services is our core value. Incredible, Isn't it? Well, that is why you should give us a call for all of your wasp removal needs.

The life cycle of wasps

In spring the queen becomes active due to the favourable weather and lays tens of eggs and then nurses the larvae for some time which then becomes drones. The drones become the workers, while the males play the role of fertilizing the queen.

The queen concentrates on laying more eggs as she leaves the role of nursing the larvae to the workers. The well-coordinated roles facilitate the expansion of the colony such that it holds thousands of wasps by summer