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The Dangers of Grey Squirrels on Your Property

Grey squirrels are invading the United Kingdom and causingWythenshawe Squirrel Control treatment much damage. They eat through wires, destroy homes, and even kill other wildlife. They are such a nuisance that people are encouraged to kill them on sight. Grey squirrels are not native to the UK. Grey squirrels should not be allowed on your property because they can cause much damage. Wythenshawe Squirrel Pest Control have experience in handling your squirrel problem.

The damages that grey squirrels can cause your property significantly make it essential to contact Wythenshawe Squirrel Trapping. Not only can they chew through wiring and damage roofs, but they can also carry diseases that are dangerous for humans and pets. In addition, grey squirrels can strip bark from trees, weakening the tree and making it more susceptible to illness or wind damage. Additionally, they have been known to cause fires on properties due to gnawing through electrical wiring, which can cause a fire that starts in the attic and spreads throughout the house. No one wants to lose their entire home and belongings just because they turned a blind eye toward the squirrels they've noticed by not knowing how hazardous they are.

Other damages caused by squirrels are:

• Chewing of wood, which can damage roofs and gutters

• Climbing on roofs causes the tiles to break and the gutter to fall off

• Damage electrical wiring, creating a safety hazard and possible fire hazard (squirrels chew through cables)

• Bark stripping: trees with large amounts of bark stripping around the base may

Grey squirrels breed twice a year, typically in February andWythenshawe Grey Squirrel control May. After a gestation period of 44 days, the female will give birth to 2-6 young. The Young will remain with their parents for approximately eight weeks, after which they will be ready to disperse and find their territory. Grey squirrels usually nest in tree cavities, but they can also build nests out of leaves, twigs, and bark.

Grey squirrels can also carry ticks that can infect your pet with Lyme disease. This disease causes fever and lethargy, which can cause long-term damage if left untreated. It is not common to contract these diseases in the UK, but they are very serious when contracted. Children are particularly susceptible to catching tularemia because their immune systems are not as strong. Don't risk your family's health and well-being. Getting Rid Of Squirrels is essential, and Wythenshawe Squirrel Trapping is available to take care of your issue.

Wythenshawe Squirrel Control treatmentSpecific steps for Squirrel Control should be taken to keep these little furry creatures out of your home. First of all, make sure never to feed them. The food you leave for the squirrels will be an open invitation for them to keep coming back. The little guys will take some time before they get discouraged and stop trying; however, not leaving out food or water will move to other areas where they're more likely to find what they need.

 Getting rid of squirrels can be difficult, but we've got the solution for you. Wythenshawe Squirrel Trapping has over 15 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about dealing with animals (including squirrel trapping). Wythenshawe Squirrel Trapping offers you the best chance of getting rid ofWythenshawe Squirrel Control pesky rodents like squirrels that are wreaking havoc in your home or business. With our extensive range of services, you'll receive trapping and removal and prevention tips, so this doesn't happen again, and more! You are welcome to contact us with questions about our services or help resolving a rodent problem. Our team will be happy to answer anything at all.