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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

While the presence of grey squirrels on your property in the UK may seem harmless, they can actually cause much damage.Sharston Squirrel Control treatment Squirrel Control treatment Grey squirrels are known to chew through wiring, which can lead to fires, and they also damage roofs and siding with their claws. In addition, they can carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets. If you have grey squirrels on your property, it is crucial to contact Sharston Squirrel Trapping for professional trapping services. We will safely remove the squirrels from your property and prevent them from returning.

Dealing with squirrels

A squirrel's ability to cause damage in a short period of time is well known. For example, grey squirrels are notorious for gnawing on electrical wires, creating a fire hazard. They can also damage roofs, insulation, and other property. This can lead to structural damages and weakness due to them constantly chewing on wooden structures. In addition, squirrels can ruin an attic with their droppings and urine, which causes a stench and potential health risks. Therefore it is essential that you contact Sharston Squirrel Pest Control if you suspect squirrels on your property.

In your garden, they will dig up your flowerbeds in search of food and dig up your lawn in search of insects. They may also snack on your fruit trees. They will destroy large trees and remove the bark to get to the sap. In the attic, they will make a lot of noise running around at night when trying to sleep.

Nesting sites in your home

Sharston Squirrel Control treatmentSquirrels are known for building their nests in trees, but they will also build them in homes and other buildings. Breeding occurs in areas that are warm and safe, such as the attic, loft, garage, or even in the crawlspace between your walls. Unfortunately, they can cause much damage by building their nests.

What attract squirrels to your property, and how do they enter

You may attract squirrels into your home due to a variety of factors, including:

- accessible food sources such as bird feeders or pet food bowls;

- openings and cracks in the exterior of your home that provide access inside;

- deficiencies in the roof or attic that allow squirrels to enter;

- torn or damaged insulation that provides access to the interior of your home.

Squirrels can enter your home through a variety of means, including:

- entering through a door that has been left open;

- jumping up and entering through an open window;

- using tree branches to access roofs and then entering through attic vents or holes in the roof;

- entering through crawl spaces or gaps under

- or even chewing their way into your home.

Description of a Grey Squirrel

The grey squirrel is a medium-sized rodent native to the United States. The Colour is usually grey or light brown, and they have characteristic black markings on their heads. TheySharston Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control have large ears and piercing eyes, and they have sharp teeth specially adapted for gnawing. Grey squirrels are sexually dimorphic, which means a significant difference in size between males and females. Male grey squirrels typically weigh around 600 grams, while female grey squirrels usually weigh 400 grams.

Trust the Experts

If you find squirrels infesting your home, you must take action right away. Do not try to deal with the problem on your own; DIY products may be ineffective and even worsen the situation. Instead, contact an expert like Sharston Squirrel Pest Control to ensure that the invasion is dealt with quickly and effectively. It is possible to minimize squirrel damage to your home by taking these steps.