Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Why do wasps attack people?

Winstanley Wasp Nest Removal Wasps will only attack when they are provoked and feel threatened. They do this to protect their nest from outsiders. If you get too close to a wasp nest, then they'll feel threatened and fight back. So to guard their territory, wasps will fight with their only weapon, stingers. Wasp stings are continuous since wasps can sting more than once. Aside from protecting their habitat, wasps can also get grumpy. As their territory expands, they'll likely starve due to food scarcity. As such, they become more and more aggressive. During this time, they'll probably take out their anger on you, even if you swat at them gently. So with that in mind, avoid the paths and call a hornet and wasp control service if you spot the two.

What are wasps attracted to?

 Wasps are attracted to different things depending on the season. In spring, for instance, wasps are obsessed with protein-based food. This can either be any food left outdoors, such as picnic scraps, pet food. During this time, they'll go as far as visiting uncovered compost and open garbage containers in such of leftover. As if that is not enough, they'll also paralyze other insects and consume them whole. However, in late summer and early fall, wasps turn their attention from proteins to sweet food. During this time, they are mature and rarely Winstanley Wasp Nest Removalneed proteins to develop. Wasps during this time are often aggressive and defensive. They'll attack when they feel insecure or if their nest is tampered with.

Do wasps do anything useful other than being pests?

 Yes, wasps are beneficial to the ecosystem. Wasps are predators that feed pests and other insects. They play an essential role in controlling the number of insects and potentials pets in the ecosystem. Examples of such pests include caterpillars, spiders, and green flies. Aside from containing the number of pests in the environment, wasps also play a massive part in cross-pollination. Wasps like sugary plant matter and will fly from one flower to another in search of nectar. By doing this, they transfer pollen grains from one plant to another, thus aiding in the pollination of plants.

Are wasps dangerous?

Winstanley Wasp Nest Removal Yes, wasps are super dangerous, particularly for children. According to reports, most victims of wasp stings are often children aged between 0 and 4. Such children often suffer from server wasp sting since they find themselves playing with a wasp nest. Having said that, you should always call a wasp exterminator as soon as you notice a wasp nest around your home.

What are hornet and wasp control, how does it help?

 Wasp control is the measures set in place to eradicate wasp infestations. These measures are often set up by a professional waps extermination expert. Such individuals often work as freelancers or work for an extermination service company such as Winstanley Wasp removal services.


 Wasp extermination companies like us are professional and have low wasp nest removal costs. As if that is not enough, most of our equipment is state of the art, thus guaranteeing a job well done.

Can I attempt a wasp control measure on my own?

 No, you can't. If you attempt a wasp control measure n your own, you'll be endangering yourself. As discussed, earlier, wasps are aggressive insects with an attitude the size of an elephant. Any attempt made to remove the nest will make things worse as they'll fight to the death to protect their nests. Having said that, it's only best that you leave the control to companies like us.

What control measure is best to get rid of wasp nests?

 The best means to get rid of wasp nests is through Winstanley   

 wasp nest removal services. It guarantees the best results as well as success. Winstanley Wasp Nest Removal services have competent wasp exterminators who deal with wasps in minutes. If you have a wasp situation, you might be tempted to control and remove the nest yourself. Winstanley Wasp Nest RemovalHowever, this attempt will likely result in your doom. Attempting a DIY will only put your health at risk, as well as lead a half-done job. On the other hand, if you invest in an exterminator, you'll pay less. Wasp nest removal cost is cheaper than you think.