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Standish Mice Control: Why You Should Be Concerned

Mouse NestMice are cute and wily creatures that humans find intriguing. However, when they decide to make your house their home, they can cause destruction unimaginable for their small size. Even though many people find rats more objectionable than rats, mice cause significantly more damage to homes. Being prolific breeders, they can easily make a hell of your house within a very short time. Unfortunately for many homeowners, mice are not easy to identify because they mostly live in difficult to locate out-of-the-way places. This, in addition to being nocturnal and having a small body size, makes spotting them even more difficult. These factors make them very dangerous as you only become aware of their presence when you already have a mice infestation problem.

  • Diseases

The biggest danger caused by mice is the diseases they spread not only to pets but also to humans. It is estimated that they spread more than 35 diseases worldwide. The spread is both direct and indirect. Directly, they spread through contact with their faeces, saliva, and urine or even through their bites. In addition to this, they also spread diseases indirectly through mites, fleas or ticks that feed on infected mice. Some of these diseases include rat-bite fever, salmonellosis and leptospirosis.

  • Food Contamination

Another major problem of mice infestation is the contamination they cause to foods. Foods and water easily get contaminated when they get into contact with faeces and urine from mice. Often, these droppings can be found in dark places like the inside of kitchen cabinets. Generally, the droppings are around quarter inches long and have the shape of a rod. If you are in the food industry like hotels and you get a mouse infestation, the level of damage that they can cause to your food can be very devastating.

  • Mice Gnawing

House mouse, Mus domesticusPerhaps the most destructive behaviour of mice is gnawing on home materials. These include wood, books, paper and even electrical wires. With this habit, they can render useless huge libraries of books, furniture and even home utensils. If they get where you keep your clothes, they gnaw away huge chunks from them. In the case of electricity, they easily cause fires when the problem goes unnoticed.

All these examples show the importance of professional Standish mice control. When there is no mice control, the economic losses caused by the resulting mice infestation in terms of furniture, books and clothes are thrown out, foods contaminated, destruction from electric fires they cause among other losses are very high. To avoid having to sustain such kind of damages, it is important that you always have your home inspected regularly by pest control professionals. When it is an infestation, it is advisable that you avoid trying to remove them by yourself. Mice are known to be insensitive to many pesticides. In fact, rather than causing mouse removal, some pesticides only irritate them and force them to disperse to different locations. From these locations, they continue with their prolific breeding. This, rather than solving the problem, worsens it. Well-trained and experienced Standish mice control professionals like Young's Pest Control, will not only help you remove the present mice from your house but also devise a mice control strategy that will ensure permanent mouse removal from your home.