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Professional Standish Flea Treatment

A flea infestation can be difficult to eradicate, owing to a number of factors related to this insect.

FleaTheir size, at 2.5mm in length, makes them difficult to spot.
• They are able to hide in carpets, bedding and on pets.
• During the summer, their reproduction rate shoots up to unmanageable levels.
• The way they develop means one type of DIY treatment is never enough.

Therefore, calling upon Young’s Pest Control to win-back your home from this resilient intruder is a sensible and effective option. At Young’s Pest Control, we have the Standish flea treatment resources to tackle this pest from a number of angles, and we also offer flea fumigation services for the most widespread flea control cases.

How to spot an infestation

An infestation can make itself known in a number of ways.

• You may spot bit marks on your body, which are usually itchy - for some people more so than others.
• Fleas excrete dried up blood so this will be present around the house on infested pets, carpets and furniture.
• Pets will scratch a lot more than usual.

If any of these signs present themselves, it’s better to be proactive about stopping the spread of this pest by calling Young’s Pest Control for Standish flea treatment. Once a flea population takes hold of a home, they will reproduce at a fast rate, owing to the ideal warm conditions of most centrally heated homes.

Infestations can be both irritating and dangerous

Cat and dog fleasThe most likely culprit of a flea infestation is either the cat flea or the dog flea, both of which will bite humans in the absence of a preferred host. Should this happen, it can be quite irritating as flea bites are itchy and show up as red marks.

However, a more serious risk from flea bites is the exposure to diseases and parasites, whether indirectly or directly. One indirect risk of exposure is when infested cats, especially young kittens, scratch humans and transmit “cat scratch disease,” which is caused by a bacterium found on the claws of infested cats in flea droppings.

Calling flea control

For a successful flea removal, it pays to be persistent and varied in your methods of treatment. If you call around Young’s Pest Control, our Standish flea treatment experts will draw up a plan that will include locating any sources such as cats or dogs, assessing the extent of an infestation, determining the species of flea and deciding on what action to take.

From there, our expert workers will use their knowledge and experience to put a plan into action for effectively fighting against this pest, which may involve treating a pet with the best solutions only available to Young’s Pest Control and using flea fumigation.

As you can see, treating a flea infestation requires a lot of time, patience and equipment. Therefore, it’s best to call Young’s Pest Control to help you reclaim your home and return to normality.