Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Salford Quays Wasp Nest Removal

 Hornet and wasp control can be a dangerous enterprise for an untrained person. It is best to leave such activities to a Salford Quays Wasp Nest Removalskilled wasp exterminator. When provoked, wasps can release a pheromone which will attract other wasps to assist. This situation can result in a serious sting and may lead to an allergic reaction which can lead to a victim being hospitalised.

What type of wasps and hornets are found in the UK?

 Vespula Vulgaris are the common UK wasp along with Vespula Germanica or the German wasp. Hornets (Vespa crabro) are fairly rare in the United Kingdom being found mostly in the southern part of England. It should be pointed out that hornets and wasps should not be confused with bees. Wasps are distinguished by having black and yellow stripes while a hornet will have brown and yellow stripes. Bees are a vital part of the agriculture cycle in the country. Around 30% of the food grown in the UK is pollinated by bees. They provide an irreplaceable service to us all.

What can be done to avoid contact with hornets and wasps?

 Hornet and wasp control services are Salford Quays Wasp Nest Removalavailable to get rid of wasp nests safely and efficiently. However, there are a number of steps which a property holder can undertake to reduce the potential for a painful sting. 

  • Move waste bins away from the property
  • Keep waste bin lids firmly closed
  • Fit fly-screens to property windows

 Once a nest has been identified on a property it will be wise to employ Salford Quays Wasp Nest Removal services in order to have it removed. The professionals will get rid of wasp nests by sending a trained wasp exterminator to undertake the process. Having the peace of mind that the work has been professionally undertaken is worth the wasp nest removal cost.

How does a wasp exterminator remove a nest?

 Once the problem is identified, the wasp nest removal cost will include a comprehensive service using insecticide pesticides to eradicate the problem. The insecticide will be placed in such a way that Salford Quays Wasp Nest Removalthe wasps will take it into their nest as they enter. The poison will act within the nest and so not provoke a dangerous frenzy by having a human intrusion into the nest. Once a nest has been abandoned it will not be returned to the next year.

It should be clear that the professional will be equipped with the correct protective clothing, will have training and experience in removing nests and will have access to specialist tools and powerful insecticides which may not be generally available to the public.

Where are potential wasp nest 'trouble spots'?

  • Sheds and garages
  • Wall cavities
  • Eaves
  • Air vents
  • Roofs
  • Loft spaces
  • Hollow trees
  • Bird nesting boxes
  • Trees and bushes

 The first indication of a possible nest nearby will be an increase in the number of wasps seen in the area. The problem will start to become apparent in the spring and will last throughout the warmer, summer months.

About the nest

 A wasp nest has the appearance of being made of a paper-like substance. It will start Salford Quays Wasp Nest Removalin size as a small ball and may grow to the size of an inflated beach ball as it becomes established. A colony of three to five thousand wasps, along with a single queen, will inhabit a nest. The worker wasps will live for only a couple of weeks, while the queen will often survive for a year or so.

Best advice

 When a nest is found on a property it is wise to immediately call upon professional services to remove the problem. The danger from multiple wasp stings is great and this is particularly the case where children may be involved. Attempting to deal with a nest without equipment, experience and knowledge can lead to a very painful experience