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Professional Romiley Honey Bee Nest Removal

Services Offered

Here at Young's Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing exceptional honey bee swarm removal and Romiley honey bee nest removal services. If you suspect a problem, then do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer honey bee control and honey bee hive removal.

Professional and Dedicated Nest Removal

Honey Bee HiveOur team is comprised of fully-trained professionals who have decades of experience. We are able to carefully and delicately carry out honey bee swarm removal and Romiley honey bee nest removal from commercial and private properties. We advise that you do not try to solve the problem yourself and that you contact us if an infestation arises or is an on-going problem.

Information about Honey Bees

If your property is located next to or close to a honey bee nest, then the chance of being stung is significantly increased. Effective Romiley honey bee removal is therefore advised; if left it can cause major problems.

Nest Removal

Honey bees often decide to reside with the walls of a property, within bushes or in openings to roofs. If this occurs, it is sensible to call in the professionals. We are experts in removing nests from difficult areas.

There are many different known species of the honey bee and unfortunately, many misconceptions arise in relation to their behaviour.

Primarily, not all species are protected, as they are not endangered. However, honey bees are a protected species and should therefore only be removed by a professional company with knowledge and experience. Honey bee nests can provide problems for homeowners and businesses because nests can be located awkwardly. Extermination and honey bee control are the right courses of action so that the honey bees do not return to the same location.

We will always attempt to relocate swarms and nests of honey bees to safer habitats. Safe removal is imperative if the insects are not to be damaged physiologically. Nonetheless, if the nest is located in a particularly untoward location, then safe removal may prove impossible.

Honey Bee swarm in treeIdentifying a Problem

Problems often arise when there is a high level of insects in or around your property. This should immediately highlight the location of an infestation and you should begin to investigate tentatively. The problem becomes worse when the bees begin to swarm in there thousands. Hives in wall cavities can be particularly dangerous and be a risk to health.

Effective Bee Nest Removal

Romiley honey bee nest removal should never be attempted by a homeowner because multiple stings can lead to allergic reactions and sometimes anaphylactic shock. You need to call us here at Young's Pest Control, so we can deal with the problem promptly.